Think Before You Shame My Major

As an English education major, many people think my major is easy and does not require the same amount of work as a STEM major. However, all majors have different strengths and require hard work. Just because one major does not have to take a chem lab or a calculus class does not mean they have an easy time. Every major has hard courses and the concept that non-STEM majors “have it easy” and do not deal with the same pressure as a STEM student is false. Shaming other student’s majors does not make your major better or mean that you have to work harder.

Every major has courses that require different talents and to say that one major is better or smarter than a different one is not true. It is important that all majors are recognized as important, and that one major is not better because they spend more time stressing or have more exams.

For example, a student who is a journalism major will have the same amount of coursework as a biology major, it will just be presented in a different way. While it may seem that one is harder than the other, the majors show each person’s strength. Before you judge someone’s choice of major or think that you’re better because you pull more all-nighters, remember that every major is hard in its own ways.

There have also been a lot of tweets that have gone viral of STEM majors shaming education majors and other non-STEM majors. This issue is important because students need to realize that their major is not better because they feel that they work harder. It is also important to remember that what you see different majors working on in public is not all that they do for their classes.

While STEM majors take high-level courses with math and science, the non-STEM majors will also take high-level courses, but instead, it will be through art and writing. Students need to be careful about generalizing majors and thinking that art majors are “lazy” because they just doodle or that the only thing education majors do is cut things out. Every course has a lot of work that is required, so before you think you’re superior, be sure to remember everyone has their own difficulties.