Bringing Back the 90's


Let’s be real, we’re all ‘90s kids here. Though we may not remember from way back when, we’ve probably seen photo proof of what our mothers used to call “fashion”. I’m sure you laughed at the big hair, obnoxious accessories, how unbelievably high pants were worn, and how you would never in your entire life be caught in something like that. But laughing need not be necessary, oh no.  I’m here to bring it back.



1. Scrunchies.  They’re so practicable, comfortable, and if you think they’re not adorable you’re wrong. Elastic only damages our hair anyway, so why not take better care of your hair simply by swapping out a death grip for a warm hug. Your hair will love you, I promise.

2. Plaid. Who doesn’t enjoy a good flannel? Keep the buttons open or tie it around your waist. You have options, people! Take your dad’s flannel, or your boyfriend’s, heck, even take your grandpa’s (I did). Stack ‘em up and wear ‘em out. You can thank me later.

3. Overalls. I absolutely cannot leave out the overall fad. You know you wore them in elementary school and you know you loved every second of it. Sure, the extensive denim may feel restrictive but look how awesome the straps hook around the clasp and how much fun they can bring! No? Just me?  I still suggest trying it out.

4. Crop tops & high-waisted anything. You’ve definitely seen this around campus and if you’re asking yourself if you should attempt it, the answer is yes. But ladies, be aware of what you’re wearing. Limit the amount of skin you’re showing and if you’re wearing shorts, I beg of you, keep your cheeks covered. 


Of course you can test out whatever other ‘90s styles your little heart desires (fanny pack anyone?). Make it modern, dress it up, and ultimately make it your own. But I digress, run free and bring back what you were born into! 



***Article by Emily Daffron***