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5 Nostalgic Halloween Movies To Watch

“Monster House” 2006

Is it even possible to forget about this movie? If you’re a 90’s or early 2000’s kid, you’ll probably have a chilling memory of your first time watching “Monster House”. Even though it’s made for children, the creepy storyline, the unique animation, and the upsetting twist towards the end are all enough to make this movie a haunting experience. Going back and rewatching it is the perfect way to awaken the kid inside of you and bring back those childhood memories.

R.L. Stein’s “Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out?” 2008

This one is a Disney classic you would see every year around Halloween without fail. With young Madison Pettis as one of the lead roles, this movie is sure to give you a huge dose of nostalgia. Looking back on this movie, it comes off slightly more funny and cute than scary, but you can’t deny that it’ll bring back memories of those early 2000’s October nights sitting in your living room watching the Disney Channel!

“Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular” 2003

“Scary Godmother” is an early 2000’s movie that most people forget entirely. It has a heartwarming story of a little girl who finds her Scary (not Fairy) Godmother in the local haunted house. This movie is great for 90’s/2000’s kids, as well as children now, as it’s not particularly scary and has adorable animation.

“The Little Vampire” 2000

Not only is this a fun and nostalgic Halloween movie, but it’s wholesome and heartwarming. The storyline and the characters will be sure to make you smile and bring back fond memories. A lonely nine-year-old human boy becoming best friends with a young vampire? There’s no sweeter (excuse the pun) movie to watch this Halloween!

“Coraline” 2009

Similarly to Monster House, watching "Coraline" as a child is an unforgettable experience. Although this movie doesn’t take place during Halloween, it’s more than creepy enough to make it onto the list. The animation, coloring, and storyline are exceptionally unsettling, and the ending leaves you with lingering questions and chills. As an added bonus, you can watch it anytime you want a good scare, not just in October!

Alessandra is a second year at Ohio University studying Integrated Media at the school of Media Arts & Studies. On campus, Alessandra is involved in Women's Ensemble, Cru, and the Sierra Student Coalition. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and playing musical instruments.
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