What Is Beauty?

What does the word mean, really? The word “beauty” is so complex and subjective that many women do not see that word in themselves. Superficially, beauty can be described in standards that women would want to attain in order to be perfect. However, the word “beauty” has such a deeper meaning than living up to societal standards or being easily influenced by the ideal.

I always guessed the true meaning of the word myself. I have been there and done that. Many people know my story of what I have gone through and learned. It’s heartbreaking to see young women--who should be empowered--constantly compare themselves to other women. Which results in them having depression, eating disorders or even losing that touch with reality.


According to the Do Something Organization, about 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies and would diet to achieve their ideal body shape. However, only about 5 percent of women naturally look like the people in the media. If anything, nothing is wrong with dieting and exercising to be healthy and to FEEL beautiful. The only thing is that wrong is when women would try to attain the ideal in an unhealthy way. Not only is being unhealthy terrible for women, but also for the people surrounded by them, too.

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I recently came across a YouTube video that really speaks my mind. This young woman says she’s “ugly,” but always has a way to console herself when she says, “I am beautiful because I am alive.” Who knows? Many might not find her beautiful, but I find her beautiful because of the knowledge she’s able to share in the world about real beauty. Many people do not understand the process of the human body and how they can find the beauty in it. It’s absolutely amazing how when the body works around the clock, constantly because it needs to survive in order to see, smell, taste, hear and touch the world around it. The human body is absolutely complicated, but that’s so beautiful because everything functions within half a second in order for one to survive!

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Beauty is not meant to be objectifying to the opposite or same sexes. Beauty isn’t always about the looks of a person, not solely about personality either. It’s about the knowledge anyone can share to anyone to promote change. Beauty is embracing what you have now, then worrying about later. Beauty is about having confidence and giving that confidence to others in need. The next time you're feeling down whenever you look in the mirror, tell yourself:  

“I am beautiful because I am alive, not because I don’t feel desired. I have a body that is working and I will work with it, too.”