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Seniors: A Guide to Owning Your Last Semester

Here we are, a month into our last semester of college, and instead of enjoying the little moments that fill our day, we’re stressed about not missing a minute. Our college experience has been shaped by an ever changing political and social landscape thanks to COVID-19. That being said, I think it’s important to make the most out of our situation. It’s easy to be bitter about all the things we’ve missed out on, but let’s look at all the things we still have the opportunity to do. If you’re feeling like I am, here’s a guide to help you figure out how to make the most out of your last semester of college. 

  1. Learn the Local Area 

If your college is in a small town, there are still opportunities to find local gems! If there’s a local spot that tends to be popular, why not hop on the trend? Look for hiking trails, stores, restaurants and experiences that your city has to offer. Sometimes these can be found on local travel guides, blogs or even Yelp. Some Facebook groups may have opportunities listed as well. These all can be done with a quick search, and may be at no cost. 

  1. Create New Habits for your Future Self 

After graduation, you may be going to graduate school, starting a job or taking some time to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. Either way, creating habits for yourself now will benefit you in the future. Make your initial habit manageable by starting small, then increasing it to your target goal. Maybe you could start reading for 15 minutes everyday, taking daily walks or taking time to write. Your future self will thank you!

  1. Find a New Hobby to Begin 

What’s something that you’ve always wanted to get into? Or maybe something that you wanted to start again? For me, I wanted to get into jogging after taking a long break. Since then, I’ve been taking runs in new parts of town (stay safe though!), running with friends and meeting exercise goals I’ve set for myself. This is the time to begin new hobbies. We have the world at our fingertips. 

  1. Try to Join a New Organization on Campus 

If your campus has one, try to join Her Campus! You’ll meet a lot of new people and have fun doing something that you’re interested in. Not all organizations will allow you to join half way through, but there’s nothing wrong with seeking out opportunities to see what’s available! You can DM the club’s Instagram page, or find contact information on your schools website. 

  1. Finish This Semester Strong 

TRUST ME, I know how much you probably don’t want to do work right now. It’s hard to get work done when you’re daydreaming about walking across that stage and getting your diploma. With that being said, this is your last semester, so give it your best effort! Be proud of the work that you’re doing and all you have accomplished these past four years. 

College can be hard, and even more challenging when trying to balance the disruptions and stress the COVID-19 pandemic has created. We can’t rely on our happiness and fun experiences to fall into our laps anymore. Instead we need to work towards creating our own joy. With this mindset, it will be a lot easier going into this last semester with a hopeful attitude, and finishing with a positive experience. Congratulations seniors! We made it!

Hi! I'm a senior studying Speech Pathology and Audiology and Old Dominion University! Writing gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings and help create a discussion for other people. When I'm not writing or doing homework, I like to workout and try healthy recipes. So excited to be a part of this team!
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