IMO: Are Mom Jeans Sexy?

There is a recent fashion trend that’s coming back in style: mom jeans. The term, ‘mom jeans’ is known as the classic high-waisted jeans usually worn by moms in the 90s. It was a true fashion statement back then that appealed more to older women. These jeans were comfortable, ready-to-wear and versatile.

As the years passed by, the trend died down due to skinny jeans appealing more to the younger and older female demographic; skinny jeans were considered sophisticated for all occasions for women to wear. Until the mid-2010s, the mom jeans came back along various fashion trends of the 80s and 90s with an edge.

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Since mom jeans are rising back up in fashion, it is somewhat debatable whether these jeans are considered sexy or horrid to women. Personally, I agree that mom jeans are sexy and I feel that every woman has the right to make a fashion statement and feel comfortable in her clothes.

Let’s debate!

According to a HerCampus at Muhlenberg writer, Alison Maybaum, mom jeans are sexy. In her article, More Than Clothes: Mom Jeans Are Sexy, Maybaum expressed her thoughts on how showing less skin makes women more objectifying. She then brought up the trend of mom jeans and how much of a fashion statement they make for women who do not want to show skin. I agree with Maybaum’s thoughts and commentaries on the jeans.

 “You can wear jeans that are not skin tight and feel comfortable, yet still fashionable and attractive at the same time.” Maybaum said, “What I like to do when I go out is wear high-waisted mom jeans with a bodysuit or even a long sleeve crop shirt! I truly believe these jeans actually can show off your figure more.”

It can be proven that women can make a fashion statement out of these jeans without showing too much skin.  They're not too tight around the legs, and they're the perfect pair of pants for every body type!

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While some women may like the jeans, other women oppose the latest fashion trend. According to Round and Round Rosie, Rosie says the jeans have, “too much fabric.” She claims the mom jeans have a high-waisted form; women would have to tuck their stomachs in. Though Rosie's position it is understandable, I would disagree with her reasoning because I believe women do not always have to show their stomachs or midriffs in order to look flattering. In fact, wearing bottoms that happened to be high-waisted creates the illusion of an hourglass or a curvy figure; this can help women achieve the confidence they desire in clothing form.

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Another opposing view would be that of Business Insider, the mom jeans—in which Kate Taylor calls the “ugly jean” trend—noticed various designers have a tendency to overdo the trend. Taylor pointed out that the jeans were cut in inappropriate places (i.e. upper thighs) by the designers to appeal to the younger demographic; the jeans also are designed to have the illusion of “dirt” or a “garter”. This results in the jeans being costly to buy for ready-for-wear fashion and that can have a conflict for women who are actually wanting to be stylish and classy. As designers overdo the jean trend, it loses the real statement of why women wear the jeans in the first place.

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I have seen how designers would then exaggerate a fashion trend after a few months. I do agree that the mom jean trend can be costly depending on the brand, but I have to disagree with Taylor’s commentary. Mom jeans are not necessarily, “ugly”; it varies on how women can versatilely wear them. It is true that designers tend to overdo the jeans. In some variations, women might want to be bold and avant-garde with their style. It solely depends on who wants to stay classic or edgy.     

Mom jeans are a part of a fashion trend that will never go out of style. Fashion is very subjective for females—some may think that mom jeans are sexy and comfortable or some may think the jeans are overvalued and pricey. I agree that these jeans are sexy, but that’s only if women can make it sexy without exposing themselves. There are such things as a trend being fashionable though, it is only the value of the trend that makes it fashionable.

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