How UNIV150 Helped Me Become a Better Writer

I initially thought this class was gonna be a waste of time. I didn’t exactly get a passing score on the Writing Sample Placement Test, an essay test which does determine if one can get qualified for ENG110C or English Composition. Long story short, I was placed in UNIV150. I wasn’t angry or frustrated; I was and still open to learning anything in college. According to ODU’s course curriculums, this course is supposed to help students transition and prepare for university-level writing.

Source: Giphy

Overall, the class was very demanding. It was an endless amount of essays, ePortfolio assignments and the students in the classroom constantly complained about the workload. Essay portions were easy topics, such as the student's major, the reasons to go to college and argumentative essays of the student’s choice. It was all based on how well the student’s format and clarity was. The ePortfolio was set up on a WordPress site. Similar to a blog site, students had to list journals (informal writing) and essays (formal writing). Students were allowed to be as creative with their sites as much as they wanted.

Source: Giphy

But how did UNIV150 help me?

Even though the class is very stressful at times, the demands are supposed to be challenging! How can anyone face challenges in the real world if they can’t face challenges in college? Without UNIV150, I wouldn’t know the difference between academically formal and informal writing. I wouldn’t know what were the best transitional words, to look out for clarity/syntax and even parallel structures. I also wouldn’t know the difference between MLA, Chicago, APA and AP style writings. Most of all, I also wouldn’t have become a better writer for my Her Campus articles.

I’m glad that, not only did I earn credit but I also, earned a great grade as well (A+). The class is meant for students who are willing to be open-minded towards any subjects in college. If I could survive this semester in UNIV150, then any incoming freshmen could, too.

Source: Giphy