Her Story: How She Survived Breast Cancer

*Auntie Keo and me pictured.* 

October is the month of Halloween, AIDS awareness, Dyslexia awareness, and apples. But it is also, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many people might not understand how important this month is for women who are battling or who have survived breast cancer. Having cancer is known to be one of the most daunting life or death situations to go through because if it’s undetected, there is a limited amount of time for it to be treated.

I’ve known many women who had breast cancer before, but no one close to me, until a few years ago. My aunt Keo--who is one of my mom’s closest sister--battled with stage 3 breast cancer back in 2012. At first, the family was shocked by the news. We didn’t know what to expect, but we optimized for the best. Then, a miracle happened, after undergoing chemotherapy and having some complications after the process, my aunt Keo was pronounced cancer-free.

This is Her Story of surviving breast cancer.

Q: What was your reaction when you find out you had breast cancer?

A: “I was sad, heart-broken, and had a lot of anxiety.”

Q: What were the treatment procedures like and what emotions were you feeling during that process?

A: “I did six sessions of chemotherapy, four herceptins, and 33 days of radiation therapy. It saved a lot of time. I was very sick the day after and I felt like my life over.”

Q: How long did it take you to recover?

A: “About a month and a half to recover.”

Q: Were there any complications after chemotherapy?

A: “I had hair loss, loss of appetite, low energy, and nail discoloration.”

Q: How did it felt when you were walking at the Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon?

A: “I felt alive! Seeing thousands of people going through the same situations as me.”

Q: Last question Auntie Keo! Is there any advice to women you’d like to give out that are battling or survived breast cancer?

A: “DO ALL THE TREATMENTS! Listen to the doctor’s advice, always. Most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP AND KEEP FIGHTING!”

*Auntie Keo is pictured second left during her first Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon.*