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Where to Find the Best Bagels and Pizzas in NYC

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NYU chapter.

No one makes pizzas or bagels quite like New Yorkers do. If you go anywhere else, it just won’t taste the same–must be that pristine New York water. But there are an uncountable number of places to splurge on pizzas and bagels around campus, so it’s definitely a challenge to find the best. These 10 places below have been hand picked by students to be the most delicious places around campus for our two guilty pleasures: pizzas and bagels. #TeamCarbs



1. La Lanterna de Vittorio



With the restaurant’s indoor garden set-up, you will feel like you’ve been magically swept away to Rome. Even though the place is not your traditional pizzeria, you will get to taste some of the best pizza in the area. Their pizza is a perfect mix of chewy dough, flavorful sauce, and of course, cheese. A personal size will run you about $16 but it is well worth the price. It is located on MacDougal right near the NYU Law School. Perfect meal to treat yourselves right after class.


2. Numero 28 Pizzeria



A cute little pizzeria on Second ave, Numero 28 Pizzeria tends to get crowded during the weekends. What’s unique about their pizza is the shape; it’s a rectangle! Our cheese lovers will go head over heels for this spot because the pizzas are extra cheesy and delicious!


3. Joe’s Pizza


This famous pizza shop, and an NYU cult favorite, is a go to when you’ve just left the club at 2am starving, because good news for you: it’s open till 4am! The closest Joe’s nearcampus is on 14th street right next to Palladium Hall. Each piece is a slice of heaven and will have you wishing for another slice.


4. Patsy’s Pizzeria



Thin crust pizza at its finest! Located at multiple locations in the Village, Patsy’s has been around since 1933. Simply put, this restaurant has spectacular service and never disappoints!


5. Bleecker Street Pizza


The best traditional NY pizza spot of the West Village, Bleecker Street pizza is an oldie but a goodie. It’s great to conveniently grab a quick slice on your way to work or class as everything is already out of the hot oven.



1. Tompkins Square Bagels



The best place for your go-to Instagram stuffed bagel pictures. Tompkins Square Bagels is located very close to campus in the East Village. Aside from their insta-worthy bagels, they are also known for their affordable breakfast spread (pancakes, french toast, bacon, you name it). Their most interesting option is the French Toast bagel which is coated in powdered sugar, but they also have all the classics (everything, plain, onion, sesame). You’ll find whatever your heart (and stomach) desires here.  


2. Bagel Bob’s


The typical New York bagel spot, Bagel Bob’s is located on University Place. The price for a bagel and lox is kind of steep, but after a Bagel Bob’s, you’ll be happily content as the portions are not too heavy or small. Just right!


3. Bagel Belly



Located right on 3rd ave near 14th street, this place is a great quick stop if you are on the go. They even have rainbow bagel copies (that are equally delicious) for those of you who don’t want to travel all the way to Brooklyn for the original. Win-win.  


4. Murray’s Bagels



Located in the West Village on 6th ave and very much like Tompkins Square Bagels in aesthetic, this bagel place is a classic neighborhood favorite. Their bagels are $1.25, they sell soups and sandwiches too, and they even cater!


5. Black Seed Bagel


This trendy, upbeat bagel cafe has a unique way of making their bagels: they hand roll them and then put them in a wood-fired oven. If you want a true artisanal bagel cafe experience, Black Seed Bagel is the place to go.  


Grace is currently a senior at New York University majoring in Journalism and Media Studies. Although born in California and raised in Dallas, Texas, Grace considers Seoul, South Korea to be her home sweet home. At school, Grace serves as the Editor-In-Chief at Her Campus NYU, President at Freedom for North Korea (an issue very personal to her), and Engagement Director of the Coalition of Minority Journalists. She is currently interning at Turner's Strategic Communications team while serving as a PA at CNN. In her free time, Grace loves to sing jazz, run outside, read the news, go on photography excursions, and get to know people around her-- hence, her passion for conducting Her Campus profiles. She can be reached at: gracemoon@hercampus.com