Five Unique Makeup Looks to Try This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and it's only a matter of time until every single store whips out their festive decorations and holiday playlist. And that means it's time for winter-y makeup looks! While I personally believe that you can wear any makeup style any time of the year, the holidays are definitely a fun time to start experimenting with different looks, since the streets are filled with color and you may be attending events such as family gatherings or dinner parties. If you're looking to find your new winter face, check out these five unique makeup looks that are perfect for the colder months!

For those who prefer a more natural look: Risabae’s Innocent Makeup Look

The first makeup look I’ll be featuring is one that has really transformed my daily makeup look since the day I watched it: Risabae’s 30 minute long “just cried” makeup look. I know, it’s a funny concept (the title literally means something like “Brings out protective instincts, innocent looking makeup") and the video is a bit long, but when I tried it out, I was shocked at how good and natural it looked. This is also the perfect winter makeup look as the “just cried” effect also gives off a “just walked outside on a cold, snowy day” vibe, which I personally love. Unfortunately, this video doesn't have English subtitles, but it’s pretty easy to follow along without verbal instruction and is well worth it.

For those wanting to sport a more classic look: Lisa Eldridge’s Holiday Look

Lisa Eldridge, renowned makeup artist, creative director, and author of New York Times bestseller, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, is hands down the master of classic, timeless makeup looks, so look no further if you’re searching for a classic holiday look! The combination of her simple yet shimmery shadow and deep berry lips (which you can swap with a red if berry shades aren’t your thing) make for a perfectly polished face, which you could wear to a family dinner, romantic date, or a holiday party. Classic never goes out of style.

For those who want to look cute and simultaneously look like a K-Pop star: Park Bosung’s BTS V Cover Makeup (using only Revlon products)

Although this look by Park Bosung is inspired by BTS member Kim Taehyung (commonly known by his stage name V), its splashes of deep red make it suitable for the colder months! I’ve actually made this my everyday look, as it is super easy to follow and the darker shadows around the outer corners of the eyes seem to open up my more hooded eyelids and give my eyes a deeper, more dimensional look. Again, the tutorial is in Korean and there seems to be no English subtitles available, but you can still follow based on the visuals only. Fun fact: Park Bosung was a contestant on the South Korean television music game show, I Can See Your Voice!

For those who wish it was still fall: Sunny’s Warm Fall Makeup Look

Sunny, a Korean-American beauty YouTuber, is one of my favorites when it comes to wearable yet eye-catching makeup looks, and her Korean celebrity makeup covers are particularly well done. This autumnal, sweet, pumpkin-inspired makeup look is absolutely stunning and is a must-try for all fall fanatics. Every part of her face, whether it’s the eyeshadow, blush, or lip, has a warm diffused look that will make anyone feel like it’s autumn again, even when it’s 25 degrees out and snowing.

For those who prefer a full beat: GinsMakeup’s Holidays 2017 Makeup Look

Gina Shkeda, a.k.a.  GinsMakeup, is one of the first beauty gurus I saw on Instagram when “Instagram makeup” was just becoming a thing in the earlier 2010s. Her impeccable artistic skill combined with her high quality videography makes her channel a go-to for many makeup enthusiasts, and this holiday look could be your go-to for the end of 2018! Like Park Bosung’s look, Gina’s eyeshadow will be great, even for hooded lids, as the light eyeshadow on the lids opens up the eyes and the smoky outer corners make the eyes appear larger. While the gold lids, smoked out eyeliner, and vivid cool-toned red lip screams “Happy Holidays,” you can definitely wear this look at any point in the year simply as a glam makeup look.

We hope this has inspired you to try something new, whether it's these looks in particular or your own version of them, and wish you all a very happy end of 2018!

Image courtesy of Risabae, Lisa Eldridge, Park Bosung, Sunny’s Channel, and GinsMakeup.