12 Hours in New York: The NYU Commuter Experience in Snapshot Form

Located in the heart of Manhattan, many NYU students commute to class everyday from neighborhoods far uptown, or from Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and even Connecticut. Here's a glimpse into the experience of an NYU commuter student in snapshot form. 

Commuters waiting for the 8:07AM train from Broadway to Penn Station:

The view from the Broadway Long Island Railroad station in Flushing, New York:Waiting for the train with my everyday winter essentials: a warm coat, reliable yet stylish boots, and a cup of hot black coffee. New Yorkers on their morning journey to work/school.The snow in New York never stays clean for too long. Watch your step, it gets slippery! 32nd Street on a Thursday night: The entrance to Penn Station -- a familiar and relieving sight after a long day. Penn Station in the midst of rush hour and weather-related train cancellations. The Bayside Long Island Railroad station covered in untouched snow, something you don’t get to see as often in the city. The first snowfall of the school year. Taken in Queens.

Images courtesy of author.