10 Times Monica and Rachel Were Best Friend Goals

Through the years, Friends has been a go-to suitable for any age group. Part of what I loved growing up was learning what friendship meant. A friendship like that of Monica and Rachel has always been the dream. Here are ten instances of when they were #BFFL goals.


1. When Monica took her in even though she was the only one not invited to Rachel’s wedding 2. They grew up together. They went through the pre-nose job, pre-boys and pre-leaving-men-at-the-alter eras together 3. They give each other the most thoughtful gifts – like this work of art: Glady’s 4. They would commit felonies for each other, insurance fraud? Illegally subletting an apartment? ../Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202018-03-05%20at%203.29.26%20AM.png5. In fact, even the stopping their illegal living arrangements was classified as an end of an era

6. Let’s not forget the fact that Monica practically named Rachel’s daughter


7. They can overcome any type of fight

8. They defend each other and always have each others back ../../Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202018-04-10%20at%202.41.00%20AM.png9. The fact that they have shared lovers /Users/dhaneshamirpuri/Desktop/Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 3.27.30 AM.png10. And lastly, they have shared, um… tongues?