Tindertainment: What happened when I used these Halloween pick up lines

Inspired by a Cosmopolitan article featuring Carrie Bradshaw quotes, since Halloween is around the corner I decided to run a social experiment to see if Halloween themed pick up lines really worked. We all hate the monotony of the 'hey' message and the small talk that follows, but how else do you start the conversation? As someone who would rather leave it and wait until the other person messages, I thought that this time, it was my turn to give it a go...

What's the worst that could happen? Judge for yourself below!

1. This guy who are genuinely concerned about logistics

What a silly question. As a zombie, of course I'd start with the brain/

2. This guy who sounded way too poetic for Tinder...

Not quite Shakespeare.

3. This guy who kind of missed the obvious...

Short and sweet.

4. This guy, who attempted to out-cringe me.

5. This guy, who wasn't going to mess me around.

6. This guy, who just really didn't get it, but really wanted to.

Just to be clear, only 3 minutes passed between his second and third message. I really wasn't torturing the poor guy. This joke was pretty lame, but that's chat-up lines for you.

7. The one who made me blush

A compliment that I can't say I have ever received before. Success.

8. This guy who truly appreciated my efforts.

9.The guy who just couldn't find the right words.

You know you're speechless when all you can send is cry-laughing emoji's. We've all been there.

10. The guy who it actually worked on!

Finally, proof that sometimes, a cringe chat-up line is someone's cup of tea.

In summary, the experiment was somewhat a success depending on how harshly you judge it. I mean, some sort of conversation was started, right? It definitely made me feel a lot more relaxed about starting the conversation when I knew that I wasn't being serious with what I had to say. However, next time I think I'll try something that is more of a middle ground between the boring 'hey' and the Halloween pick-up line.


All images are writer's own.

Edited by Chloe Jade Clarke