Oceana Announce Star Appearance by S Club 7!

Oceana Nottingham have announced an exciting new act to appear at the popular club in March! Jo and Bradley from S Club 7 will be making a star appearance for the students of Nottingham.

The group formed in 1998, and rose to unexpected levels of fame through not just their cheese-tastics hit, but TV and movie appearances too. With favourite hits including “Reach”, “Bring it all Back” and “Never Had a Dream Come True” being hummed by children, teenagers and adults nationwide, the band seemed unstoppable. But, in 2003, the band announced their split.

Yet the world of 90s kids all over the country was rocked at the end of last year, when childhood favourites S Club 7 announced they were reuniting for a nationwide tour. The tour reaches Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena on May 15th, but for those who missed out on tickets…don’t stop, never give up…get your hands on a ticket for Oceana on Monday 9th March.

Not only will you be able to enjoy a DJ set courtesy of the two stars, you’ll also have the chance to hang out with Jo and Bradley themselves during their meet-and-greet from 12 – 2am.

'get your hands on a ticket for Antics on Monday 9th March at Oceana.' Get your hands on a ticket for Antics on Monday 9th March at Oceana by heading to the Student Clubber website on Sunday, 4pm – and be quick, because only the first 100 sold will be invited to the meet-and-greet!