Nikita Surty - East African Society President

This week Her Campus chatted to the President of East African Society to find out a bit about what they do and what they have planned for the year ahead!



How did you get involved in East African Society?

I started as a Freshers volunteer in my first year and I quite enjoyed the activities the society had going on at the time. For this reason I joined the society as social sec last year and took it to the next level this year by nominating myself as president.


What’s involved in the role of President?

The President’s job is to have overall responsibility for the society and ensure that all the aims and objectives of the society are met.


What sort of things to you do as a society?

Our society focuses more on socials to bring together East Africans and engage them in fun activities. We wish to give them a little bit of home in Nottingham.


What have you got planned for this year?

This year we have socials such as Ice skating, Bowling, paint balling and several nights out planned.


Any fun stories/memories of your time in the society?

This society is full of such wonderful memories that it’s difficult to pick a story to share. The one memory I will always cherish is our meet and greet when I was President. I have never been in such a powerful position before and it definitely felt good to have everyone supporting me.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not carrying out your role as President?

I love interacting with people and learning about them and their backgrounds. Not only do I find it interesting to listen to them, but I also find that it increases my knowledge on things I may have never heard of before.