I Tried...Going Makeup Free For A Week!

Make-up is something I think a lot of people rely on, myself included. We can use it to mask insecurities, to give us confidence, or it can just be a fun pastime for others. Personally, while I lack any sort of expertise, I love make-up because it gives me self-confidence. I see myself as someone who can be quite shy or quiet, especially when meeting new people or socialising with those I’m not very close with.

As illogical as it may sound to some, wearing make-up makes me feel good about myself, and most of the time it helps me to get out of my comfort zone in social situations so I can get on with things which I can find intimidating. However, this week I have made the decision to go make-up free for seven days – probably the longest I’ve gone without it since I found out make-up can make you more attractive when I was 12 years old.

I will admit that I am partial to having the odd day without any if I’m going to the gym after a lecture, but this week I’ll be bare faced for a lot of social situations, which I will probably find particularly daunting. For example, I’ll be going to work, lectures, casual nights out and carrying out every part of daily life without even a blob of concealer. Usually, if I’m planning on not wearing make-up the next day, I’ll put some tinted moisturiser on the night before so I’m not totally bare – but this week, it’s absolutely nothing.

In addition, I’ll be taking the odd selfie just to prove that I’ve done it, which is also something I cannot stand doing. Anyway, enough pessimism, here’s my week in writing:


Day One

We’re off to a good start with no make-up on at all. I made it to all my morning lectures, a meeting with my dissertation supervisor and went to the gym completely bare. I admit I did feel quite apprehensive walking into my lecture and noticed myself half looking away when I spoke to people. BUT, getting over the initial hurdle made me feel good for trying!

Later on, I faced the daunting prospect of going to the pub with no glam on; not even a bit of powder. I did find it really difficult because I’ve never ever been on a night out or at the bar without the full works. Nevertheless, I did it and ended my first day happy with myself for stepping up to the challenge.


Day Two

Another successful day, but for the most of it I’ve just been sitting around in my room doing work. The real fear struck when I realised I had to go to work (my biggest concern), but again, I realised my fears were completely irrational and I’m pleased that I managed to do it!

Day Three

After a few busy days, I really enjoyed just having a day to sit around - which gave me time to think about the amount of time I’ve saved by staying natural. It’s also given me so much extra time to sleep, which is a win-win I’d say.


Day Four

Probably the biggest day so far - tonight I’m going out to some bars with my house mates. Unfortunately, I did unnecessarily wear my glasses so I didn’t look so plain, but I managed it all the same. Ended the day feeling happy and feeling good!


Day Five

Another successful day going to work glam-free.


Day Six

It’s the second-to-last day of being without my dear makeup and despite the fact I’ve enjoyed having more spare time to lie down and watch old ANTM clips, I am looking forward to being orange again.


Day Seven

It’s the final day! Today I start carrying out my experiment for my final year project so I was thankful for the extra time I had in the morning to prepare everything.

All in all, while some aspects of my make-up free week were really difficult for me I did actually enjoy it. Not having to spend up to an hour and a half getting ready for a night out gave me time to do things I actually enjoy, like watching TV and hanging with my friends.

I would encourage everyone who has attachments to make-up to try this at some point because, even though I will continue to wear make-up on a regular basis, it has taught me that I can have a bare faced day without worrying about what other people will think. I also started to feel strangely more and more confident as the week went by, and actually felt happy with my appearance towards the end.

Overall, it’s taught me that, despite what you may fear or think, generally people won’t treat you any differently whether you have a full face of make-up on or have absolutely nothing. That realisation was great for my self-esteem and my thoughts on the necessity of make-up in general.


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