HC Nottingham's 'Welcome Back' Present from HQ!

Imagine our excitement when this monster of a parcel turned up at our front door! 

Nothing like a big package to get a girl's pulse racing...


Needless to say, we wasted no time in opening her up! A cute note from the HC National Team...Hi ladies!

It's never rough until deadline day is tomorrow.


Soooo, what have we got, what have we got?! We dived in like an overexcited child at Christmas...

Yipee, Garnier samples! A lot of them, as well. Perfect for taking care of a post-Freshers Week complexion.


Thanks Garnier! Now for once, a flyer caught our eye...

Does this mean 'I'm due on' is no longer an excuse for raging moods throughout the month?


Definitely downloading that one. (Hey, it's free!) Now what's this. Cupcake Panty you say?


Ok, I'm sufficiently intruiged...

We'll admit we were initially a tiny bit disappointed that these weren't edible...


...but that didn't last long because LOOK AT THIS

First comes the cupcake, then comes the panty!


I think that is the most intuitive invention I've seen in a long time. These will be perfect for taking on weekends away - subtle and cute. 

We also got a Buy One Get One Free Chipotle voucher (bring on the burritos), and a load of Buy One Get One Half Price vouchers for Tanda Zap (the pocket-sized zit zapper that fades spots in 24 hours!)

Thanks for the stash Her Campus, Garnier, Affinitas, Clue, Chipotle and Tanda Zap - we'll be doing some great giveaways with these (and probably hanging on to a few bits ourselves)!