What It's Really Like to Be a YouTube College Vlogger

Going into college, I decided that I wanted to make a YouTube channel! Shameless plug: click here! I've always been really interested in YouTube and wanted to start a channel when I was younger, but I never did. However, after reading a ton about the University of Notre Dame and how amazing everyone’s experiences here are, I decided that I wanted to make the channel for two reasons:

  1. It's basically a digital scrapbook.

  2. My family and friends who may not ever get to visit me can see what my college experience is like.

The first reason is probably my biggest motivation for creating and maintaining my YouTube channel. When I graduate and have a family of my own, it will be super cool for my friends/husband/children and myself to be able to go back and see my past in action. Even now, after having completed only one semester, it's really cool to go back and watch things like my move-in weekend experience, (the infamous) Domerfest and my first gameday. 


The second reason has greatly impacted my motivation as well. My grandparents and my cousin’s four-year-old daughter watch the videos, and it’s really nice to hear their positive feedback. It also inspires many questions about what I’m up to, and it answers some as well. 

Being a YouTuber in college is by no means easy. I would say that the most difficult task is time management. My first semester, I filmed a ton of content; however, once midterms hit, I never found time to sit down and edit any of the videos. It takes me about 1-2 hours to edit a single video (and these videos are only 5-12 minutes long). During Christmas break, I was able to catch up on all of the content I had filmed and created the vlogs. So now, I'm technically ahead of my posting schedule (which happens on Fridays at 5 p.m. EST!)—even though my content is technically behind because each new video is from last year. 

That topic brings me to the next difficulty I encountered: the type of content to create. When I first made my channel, I really wanted to focus on the Notre Dame experience. I thought viewers would be more interested in how special days at ND went down, rather than how I was experiencing them. Thanks to my procrastination in editing, I was able to realize that this was utterly false before it was too late. The videos where I don’t vlog and just show what’s happening around me do not do nearly as well as the videos where I am chatting away about each event. Now that I'm on schedule, I can fix this; so stay tuned for more personal vlogs! I'm pretty funny (and I have been told this by people other than myself), so they're worth the watch!

The final troubling topic I have is filming in front of other people. It's just as awkward as everyone acts like it is. Sometimes, people can be really fun and ask to be in it or just jump in! However, the majority of the time, people just stare at you like you’re crazy and then whisper to their friends, so that they can all stare together. This isn’t fun. If you ever see me in action, please don’t be that second person.

That’s a bad friend gif

Back home, I was super comfortable with it because everyone in El Paso is friendly and will even ask to subscribe when they see you filming yourself. There's also a large ~artsy~ dynamic there, so it's more of a common occurrence. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting back to my old outgoing (and mildly obnoxious) filming nature. 

Overall, being a YouTuber in college can be challenging at times; however, the good definitely outweighs the bad from my experience. I have so many people who, when I meet them for the first time, immediately recognize me by my videos and admit to watching all of them. I also have a few loyal fans who comment on every video or swipe up on every story I post that says I have a new video. Lastly, my family and friends all enjoy them, and so many people throughout my dorm and classes ask me about how it’s going. The support is really rewarding for all of the work that I put into making the videos. It always makes me super happy to know that other people are enjoying them as well! 

So, if you’re interested (PLEASE be interested), you can go check out a few of my videos! I have some gameday vlogs (first, USC and last), Welcome Weekend content (plus move-in), lots of get ready with me’s (HS grad, SYR, etc.) and LOTS of others. Be sure to check out the channel here, and please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE(!!!!), like and comment!

Cardi Okurrrr