Pink Week: 10 Examples of Pink Album Art to Drool Over

You’ve heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the same can be said about music. The content — the lyrics, the melodies — is what should draw you in, not the pictures on the outside. That being said, there are songs and albums out there with artwork so beautiful, so gosh darn aesthetically pleasing, that you can’t help but listen. In honor of our chapter’s very first “Pink Week,” I wanted to kick things off with a list of 10 albums/songs that are represented by stunning pink art.

  1. 1. Harry Styles - Harry Styles 

    One can only start with the album we didn’t know we needed until it dropped in 2017. The newly independent member of One Direction released his first solo single, “Sign Of The Times,” followed by an entire lineup of ~bops~ ranging from soft and sweet to deafening and dangerous. Not only did the music itself leave his fans swooning and captivated, but the use of pink throughout the album’s artwork certainly did not go unnoticed. Styles has often spoken out about his indifference toward traditional gender boundaries and made efforts to dress how he wants — sporting his infamous floral suits, painted nails and occasional sheer fabrics. Styles is notorious for being himself, and his pink artwork was just one example of his unapologetic embodiment of contemporary masculinity.

  2. 2. Normani - "Motivation"

    This smooth new single from our queen and savior flaunts a cover that brings me back to simpler times — the days of Barbie and Bratz galore. She manages to rock low-rise flare jeans, which is impressive on its own, but the subtle accents of diamond glares throughout the lettering and her own jewelry are serious eye-catchers. Even subtler is the use of a gradient pink as opposed to one uniform shade. Aesthetic rating = 10/10. ‘Nuff said.

  3. 3. The Chainsmokers - "Roses"

    This old hit from the DJ duo presents a simple and elegant portrait for its cover. It features a blend of soft pinks throughout hair that takes the shape of (you guessed it!) roses.

  4. 4. Taylor Swift - Lover

    I’m not going to comment on the album itself, because let’s be real, I miss the old T-Swift, but the cover photo itself is pretty nice to look at. The cotton candy sky is mouth-watering — the whole thing looks like one of those Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino drinks. It also makes me miss the sunsets back home on the farm, *sigh*.

  5. 5. Pink Sweat$ - "Honesty"

    This song was recently introduced to me by my roommate, and I was not disappointed. The falsetto-heavy R&B/Soul melody certainly puts you in your feels, but every time I listen to it I think, damn, where can I get that fit?

  6. 6. Ariana Grande - "Thank U, Next"

    Ari’s music video for this empowering anthem of 2019 featured a lot of pink, particularly in the Mean Girls and Legally Blonde segments of the parody. Not only did the star rock the color on screen, but she incorporated it into the full album’s artwork as well. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Grande’s previous album covers, it’s that she loves poses where her eyes are closed or she’s upside down. Thank U, Next gave us both.

  7. 7. Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe

    Those who are familiar with Netflix’s 2018 hit To All the Boys I’ve Loved will recognize the hidden gem that is "You're Not Good Enough." Used early in the film when Lara Jean attempts to find seating for lunch, this soft jam makes me feel like strutting down a high school hallway or singing into my hairbrush with some simple yet bouncy choreography. The artwork for Blood Orange's album features pink lettering and a light of the same hue fanning out from behind the main subject. To put it simply, both the song and the art that comes with it are vibes, hence its placement in my “vibes n feels” playlist on Spotify.

  8. 8. David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber - "2U"

    This single’s blend of pink and purple hues is so captivating that it makes me feel like I could sink right into my phone screen. There’s no way for me to describe that well — I’ve tried. The electric shades perfectly match the Pop-EDM jam and I only wish they had made the music video in a room of this composition. It also makes me wish I were good at makeup and could get that same gradient look with lipstick. Alas, I cannot, but simply seeing the cover pop up provides me with joy in and of itself. I mean, look at it — beautiful.

  9. 9. Louis the Child ft. Wafia - "Better Not"

    This song's art doesn’t feature as much pink as the others I’ve highlighted, but it still looks amazing. The pink slide contrasts so well with the galactic backdrop, and it’s easy to get lost in all of the twinkling stars.

  10. 10. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday 

    The album that blessed us with “Super Bass,” fittingly entitled “Pink Friday,” is *ahem* clearly...very pink. Released back when Minaj was in her more ~fashionably daring~ phase, the singer/rapper can be seen sporting one of her classic colorful wigs and a dress that is most definitely doing the most. The art features a blend of baby pinks that work exceptionally well together, with the top third’s metallic stripes standing out in particular. The more I look at this cover, the more I love it. Seriously, I’m looking at it right now and I just cannot look away. Bravo, Nicki Minaj, bravo indeed.