My Favorite Comedians to Watch During the Quarantine

Let’s be honest, quarantine days have us all a little down. It's significantly harder to remember what day it is; you’re trapped in your house; online classes just started. In my opinion, the best way to rid yourself of these quarantine blues is to watch standup comedy. Below I have listed and explained my favorites that you could watch for the rest of the quarantine period. Please enjoy:

  1. 1. Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid

    By far, Nate is my favorite comedian. I think I have watched this special at least five times, and in between watches I enjoy scrolling through his Instagram and watching the videos he posts from his comedy on there. His humor is dry, which is the best part. He looks bored the entire time, and it is hilarious. If you watch any of these, it should be him.

    Media: Netflix and Instagram

  2. 2. Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion

    Zach is super hilarious as we all know from The Hangover (also a must see!). His humor is so all over the place, and he does such a great job at getting into different characters. I have a friend (a NINETEEN YEAR OLD friend) who would marry this man if given the opportunity because he is so funny.

    Media: Netflix and where ever you can find The Hangover

  3. 3. Bert Kreischer

    Bert Kriescher is so hilarious. He tells a lot of stories about his wife and family, which are all super entertaining. His humor is more inappropriate; so if you’re into that, he is your man. Bert also has several specials on Netflix, so once you watch one you still have more to enjoy.

    Media: Netflix

  4. 4. Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis

    Taylor is a female, millennial comedian. In this special she flips gender roles a lot, which is super funny, and jokes about several other relatable topics. Definitely a go-to comedian for a feminist who doesn’t shy away from real topics. I wish she had more specials, but just like Nate and Zach, this is the only one on Netflix (*sad face*).

    Media: Netflix

  5. 5. Tom Segura

    Tom has a bunch of specials on Netflix as well. His humor is way more crude and inappropriate; so if you're easily offended, he's probably not your guy. However, he is hilarious, and if you aren’t feeling one special there are several others to try.

    Media: Netflix

  6. 6. The Laugh Factory 

    The Laugh Factory is a U.S. chain of comedy clubs that many comedians perform at. I stumbled upon their Instagram a year or two ago in the middle of the night, and I've never looked back. All of the clips are so hilarious, and you can also find comedians that you like (I think this is how I found Nate).

    Media: Instagram, Tik Tok, and probably YouTube

I hope you find these suggestions helpful in passing your time in the lockdown. Please remember, wash your hands, stay inside and laugh your butt off.