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It is with great pride that Notre Dame boasts its community and student life to high school applicants, its current students, and the rest of the world. There are argued downsides to the culture at Notre Dame (looking at you, parietals) but a commonly shared love of ND has to be its dorm traditions. While each dorm has their own quirks, Keenan Hall opens their 43rd annual “Keenan Revue” this Thursday.


Keenan Hall’s website shares that “The Keenan Revue has been a yearly tradition occurring usually in the beginning of February…It draws nearly 4000 people to Stepan Center over the three nights the show is performed.” Over the course of three nights, the students in Keenan entertain their audiences with comedy and musical acts. Keenan brings out crowds of all ages for this highly anticipated event. This year, the show dates are February 7, 8, and 9, starting at 7 pm.


Planning starts early for Keenan students, as the staff starts working as early as September and skits are written across the two semesters. Students must audition their performances in front of judges, who then choose what acts will make the final cut. As raunchy as some of the jokes are, Keenan invites diversity clubs to preview some of the skits. The line between funny and offensive is a subjective divide, but students want to be as respectful as possible while still keeping to tradition.


Keenan’s ticket process this year took place a week and a half before opening night. Its timing unfortunately had students standing outside LaFun in 20 degree weather for hours. Some who waited would say that the line was worth it (especially if they got the coveted Thursday night ticket). Others have mocked the process, especially on social media.


Source: The Black Sheep Notre Dame


Although upperclassmen say there isn’t much variance between each night’s show, Thursday tickets sold out the fastest. However, Keenan students receive extra tickets, to distribute as they see fit. It may pay off to make a friend in South Stanford, as long as you refer to their dorm correctly.


Each year has its own unique theme. The Revueda Triangle this year promises ticket holders a night filled with laughs and conspiracy theories. Promotions on social media this year include the issue of fracking under DeBartolo Hall, removing the art from the Snite Museum to make room for more classrooms and a new baseball practice facility, and the introduction of the Northeast Salad in the dining halls. Previous themes of the Keenan Revue include 2018’s Revuena Matata, 2017’s State of the Revuenion, and 2016’s Revue XL in celebration of their 40th year. Though previous years incited ideas of silent protest, the Revue continues on in Notre Dame tradition.


Source: @keenanrevue on Instagram


While the past shows have been uploaded to Youtube in their entirety, there is nothing like being in the audience live. And remember, it’s BYOTFH, or bring your own tin foil hat!


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