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Holiday Week: Notre Dame Dorms as Thanksgiving Table Decor

Reflecting back on Turkey Week, I’ve compiled a list illustrating what a few of the dorms at Notre Dame would look like if they were on the Thanksgiving Day table. 


Breen-Phillips Hall

Maybe I’m partial, or maybe it’s because Babes love to eat, but BP would definitely know how to dress a table. An embellished, floral aesthetic would definitely work for them. Dishes would likely include: anything and everything! #BabesNotPigs #EatYourHeartOut


Does this dorm exist? Yikes, nothing is loading. Better luck hosting dinner next year Howard. Dishes would likely include: N/A.


Zahm has been ready for Christmas since the first week of November. Their entire hall is already decorated and every party they have is Christmas themed. If that doesn’t get the point across, they also have been playing Christmas music across the quad. Their Thanksgiving Day table would be ready for Christmas. Dishes would likely include: drinks only.


Coming off of their flag football win, Flaherty probably won’t even have time to decorate a table off the field. The excitement, chaos and exhaustion of being flag football champions got them this time; but I mean, it would be pretty cool to celebrate in Notre Dame stadium. Dishes would likely include: lots of protein. #athletes


As the frat dorm on campus, Alumni’s table obviously isn’t going to survive. The environment: chaotic. The energy: chaotic. The people: chaotic. So, the table is likely broken. It was nice of them to invite the PE Pyros to their dinner! Dishes would likely include: empty solo cups.


Carroll: the dorm on the other side of the lake. The large rooms and lake view are nice and make me want to believe they would decorate their table well; however, it would all be in vain. No one will walk that far for their meal. Dishes would likely include: normal Thanksgiving foods, but drenched in lime.

Of course these tables are objective to my own opinions and perceptions (and also my personal sense of humor); but overall, these tables are accurate representations of a couple halls. Happy holidays from me and all the ND dorm tables and good luck deciding which dorm you’d want to end up at for your meal!

Melanie is the President of the Her Campus Notre Dame chapter. She is a member of the class of 2023 and is studying Marketing with a supplementary major in Spanish and a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She runs her own college YouTube channel (melmggn) and is interested in photography/modeling, philanthropy, and cheerleading!
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