Equipped for Winter: Essential Gear

Winter is beautiful.

At Notre Dame, it’s my favorite season to take a picture of the Dome. With the soft snow fluttering down and the ground shimmering like a cave full of crystals, a calm day in the winter is mesmerizing.

Right now, sitting inside a building facing a large window, I’m watching the snow fall while drinking a cup of green tea. I really couldn’t be any more content. I love the winter.


I love the winter, except for one thing: the excruciating cold.


Having grown up in the midwest, I’m used to experiencing cold winter temperatures every year, but I haven’t evolved into one of those people who can walk around with just jeans, a sweater, and a scarf. Rather, I’m the kind of person who pulls out all the stops to stay warm.


If you’re like me and want to be prepared for the winter months ahead, here are my personal recommendations for winter essentials.


Electric blanket

There’s nothing much more comforting in the winter than wrapping yourself in a toasty blanket. If you don’t like wearing layers and layers of clothes at home, an electric blanket is a simple solution. When I’m taking a nap, I put it on the low setting and I’m immediately drifting off to sleep.



Bathrobe with a hood

Ever felt like you were freezing after you came out of a swimming pool on a hot summer day? I feel the same way when I’m on my hallway-long walk to my room after my shower, especially in the winter. Even though when you live in a dorm you’re never too far from a shower, you’ll definitely appreciate the extra warmth and comfort when it's below 30 degrees outside.



Touchscreen-compatible gloves

Cold hands or the use of your smartphone? That’s a choice that I don’t want to make. Touchscreen-compatible gloves are not only inexpensive but they solve that important problem, as well. No longer do I have to take my glove off to answer a call or to take a photo of the Dome! I have thick, fuzzy gloves that are touchscreen-compatible and these gloves come in all types of colors and sizes.




Waterproof boots

Snow stays as snow when you’re outside, but the second you walk indoors a puddle forms at your feet. If you don’t have waterproof shoes, you usually end up with wet socks for a couple of hours. Now, waterproof boots may be an investment, but you’re basically guaranteed they’ll last many years. Plus, they’re usually safer, as many of them are classified as no-slip or slip-resistant.



Long winter coat

Short coats and jackets are fine for the transition from fall to winter, but once show arrives, a long winter coat should be in everyone’s closet. A long winter coat covers up as much of your body as possible for the greatest warmth and it’s especially important for protecting your pants from getting wet when the snow melts. It’s also an investment, but it lasts years and I’m sure you won’t regret the purchase when it’s 20 degrees and there’s a blizzard outside.


Winter is beautiful but can be harsh. With the essentials listed above, I’m confident your winter experience will be warmer and more enjoyable.

Stay warm!


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