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5 Things I Learned From Hermione Granger

Any lifelong bookworm will tell you that the characters between the pages of a book often have the power to become some of the most memorable influences and are sometimes able to shape our ideals to an enormous extent. I’ve met many awesome characters in books, from Willy Wonka to Miss Marple, to Sherlock Holmes and thousands more, and they’ve all inspired me to see the world in different ways. Yet if anyone ever asks me which fictional character has taught me the most, has been my all-time hero I have to say, (without a second thought) that that character is Hermione Granger. J.K Rowling did a marvelous job of creating one of the most identifiable, enduring female heroines of all time, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Hermione Granger has become a role model, not just for Potter Heads, but for girls everywhere. So, in honor of one of the greatest fictional heroine’s of all time, here are 5 lessons Hermione Granger brought to the world.

Raising your hand in class and being a complete, unapologetic nerd is a good thing. 

She is by definition, the ultimate nerdfighter. Hermione stands out for her love of knowledge and her enthusiasm to learn, and she is over the top passionate about it. Remus Lupin wasn’t kidding when he said she was the “the brightest young witch of her age.” From mastering some of the most difficult spells to her ability to memorize huge amounts of material, Hermione’s intellect knows no bounds. What’s more, she isn’t ashamed of her intelligence. When she knows a question, her hand shoots straight into the air before you can say “professor” would never dream of appearing less intelligent just to be popular.


There will always be a need to fight social injustice.

Much like the actress who plays her, Hermione was known among the group for her constant fight against injustice. Though this is downplayed in the movies, Hermione becomes a crusader for the rights of house elves, helps Hagrid in his case to protect Buckbeak from an unjust execution, and helps open her friend’s eyes to the importance of fighting for the rights of those with no voice. She is a feminist inspiration and teaches us to be aware of the nature of injustice and intolerance in the world.

You can be sensitive and compassionate and a total badass.

She frequently has to help Ron and Harry understand how to talk to girls and learn the importance of empathy ( she isn’t lying when she says Ron has the “emotional range of a teaspoon”) and she’s the best person to go to when in emotional distress. She’s also prepared to fight back and she will not take trash from anyone, ESPECIALLY not Draco Malfoy.

Discrimination will hurt you, yet you will grow stronger from it.

As a muggleborn, Hermione was used to being demeaned for her status and learned to handle it and stand up for herself throughout the series. Whether its Draco Malfoy calling her “mudblood”, Ron Weasley’s aunt sneering at her muggleborn status,  or the Dolores Umbridge’s persecution of  muggleborns during the final novel, Hermione has had her fair share of discrimination throughout the series. Yet Hermione grows from it. She learns to overcome the insults and demeaning treatment from others in the wizarding world, and shines through.

Rock that bushy brown hair!

She’s a role model for unruly haired girls everywhere. You work that bushy mane.

Thanks for being such an awesome role model Hermione!


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