5 Things Every College Freshman Needs in Her Dorm

Going to college is a huge mile marker in your life. It can be scary, exciting or nerve-racking. Overall, however, it is a great chance to start your own life and decorate your place with a personal touch. Here are a few of the things you won’t want to forget about in the frenzy to make your dorm as aesthetic as possible:


    If you’re going to be that fashion IT girl, then you’re going to need to maximize your closet. Dorms aren’t big, meaning dorm closets/dressers are even smaller (especially here at Notre Dame *not heart eyes*)! My all-time favorite hack for this one is to use the multi hangers by letting them hang vertically and then putting three pieces in each space. If you do this right, you can have almost all of your tops hanging in the tiniest section of your wardrobe. Go you!

  2. 2. SEATING

    Coming into college, you likely will not have your entire high school friend group at your side. For better, or maybe even worse, you’ll have a fresh start and making friends is a must. In your dorm environment that means you need to have room to entertain and the seating available to do so! What does this mean? Get a rug (preferably a soft one), big throw pillows/floor pillows, bean bags and a futon. Not all of them are mandatory (and all probably won’t fit), but the home-ier the better!

  3. 3. SNACKS

    If you don’t have a mini-fridge, get one. If you do, get snacks! You never know when you’ll be too busy to go to the dining hall! With chaotic class schedules, time-sensitive homework, clubs and social events, balancing time gets harder in college. Chips, guilty-pleasure candies, your favorite hometown snack (for when you miss it), granola bars — the list could go on forever. One of the most important aspects to take away from this section is WATER. Either get a Brita filter or if you are a little picky (~guilty as charged~) water bottles. It’s not fun being dehydrated only because you don’t like the fountain water in your dorm. 


  4. 4. *A Notre Dame Special* FANS, FANS, FANS

    If you live in one of the older dorms (hey Breen-Phillips Babes!), you will need a fan. Not necessarily because it’s too hot; you won’t be melting. However, with the late-August weather, you’ll be going from one extreme to the next. Warm, humid, cold, windy; leaving the window open and praying won’t cut it. Fans are a nice way to keep the air circulating around the room. They get rid of the heat, circulate humidity and can always be turned off when it’s cold. I recommend more than one. My roommate and I have four.

  5. 5. MORE DECOR (Yes, I said it) BRING MORE

    I moved in with only two fake plants, three little mirrors and a corkboard as decor. The rental car was already stuffed and I was so worried that I would look like a silly freshman with a bunch of excess material items that were completely unnecessary. Only to my dismay, once I unpacked everything, my room was barren, an absolutely desolate land. That said, bring those fake plants, get some vases, cute jewelry/vanity type storage, lights, GO THE WHOLE NINE YARDS. You probably won’t regret it, but if you do, just send stuff back with mom and dad. 

College move-in is a stressfully fun time. Don’t worry about it too much and enjoy the small moments while you can!

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