3 Bookstagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

This summer, I made a bold decision that would consequently change my life as I knew it–I decided to start reading for fun again. Crazy, right? I realized that I missed the days when I could curl up with a good book for hours–when my mom would call me down for dinner and I would yell “Just a few more minutes!” because of a story I was captivated by as opposed to a Netflix show. I mean, sure, Netflix is fun and all and being a film major does make me more inclined to reach for something watchable. However, I missed reading and one day I stumbled across the inspiration I needed to revive the habit. 

For those of you who have never heard the term, a “bookstagram” is an Instagram account dedicated to reviewing and recommending literature. There is an entire community of bookstagrammers dedicated to not only creating discussion surrounding the novels in their lives but also to cultivating some of the most aesthetically pleasing feeds I’ve ever seen. I found this niche of the popular social media platform so interesting that I even decided to make a bookstagram of my own (shameless plug, it’s @pagesofash)! 

If you’re interested in dipping your toes back into the world of reading, or simply want some beautiful photos on your feed, here are some accounts you should definitely check out:

  1. 1. @amybucklesbookshelf

    Amy Buckle is a book blogger based in Kent, England. In addition to keeping her 15.2K followers up-to-date on all of her latest and favorite reads, she co-runs @bookbloggershub, a community where book bloggers can share their photos and discover each other’s content. What impresses me most about Amy’s account is the creativity of the composition of her photos. She finds ways to incorporate random household items into her posts, such as scrabble pieces, other books and even trash cans. I often turn to Amy’s account both for book inspiration and photo inspiration!

  2. 2. @braveliteraryworld

    This account is run by Esther, a young school teacher! In addition to providing stunning photography for her audience, Esther works hard to keep her followers engaged. Something that particularly stands out to me about her account is her use of questions and polls to interact with others in the community. She’ll spark interesting debates in her comment sections or even inquire about lesson-planning advice via the Instagram story feature. Regardless of the tactics, I constantly find myself drawn to participate in the conversations she initiates!

  3. 3. @stackedshelves

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: bookstagram accounts are incredibly pleasing to look at!!! Ellen, a bookstagrammer from London, has cultivated an account that goes above and beyond when it comes to maintaining a theme. Her photos not only display a uniform color scheme, but she also appears in every photo she posts. This draws attention to the book she’s reading, or planning on reading, while also allowing us access to her incredible sense of fashion! The outfit inspiration is definitely a bonus, but the overall setup of her shots makes me want to go above and beyond for my future photoshoots!