Why You Should Be Watching ‘The Royals’

On November 15, the second season of the hit E! show ‘The Royals” premieres. A perfect blend of “Gossip Girl” and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” this show combines every television genre. “The Royals” focuses on a fake British monarchy and their familial struggles. From romance, mystery, to, of course, tons of drama, “The Royals” should definitely be on your new shows to watch list. Never failing to be over-the-top ridiculous and humorous at the same time, it is as addictive as your favorite candy. Here are some of the reasons you might want to tune in!


Queen Helena!

One of the best characters on the show is Queen Helena because she is certainly nothing like Queen Elizabeth II. Her mischievous ways and her flawed relationships with her children make her the number one character you will love to hate.

The theatrics!

Each episode you will question how the writers come up with these seemingly ludicrous but simultaneously witty lines that manage to not be censored. Princess Eleanor’s naughty behavior causes mouths to drop and eyes to roll.

Meet the princess!

Speaking of Princess Eleanor, there has never been a better portrayal of an out of control heir on television. Eleanor essentially does everything your parents forbid you to do and remains unapologetic. Her shocking behavior and glimpses of her vulnerable side make her the most authentic character. 

Peter, is that you?!

If you were wondering what happened to Peter from “The Chronicles of Narnia” series, then look no further. He stars as Prince Liam and he is all grown up now. Liam is lot less reckless than his twin sister, Eleanor, but the womanizer still needs to mature if he wants to be the future king.

The Imperfect Couple!

Eleanor’s complicated relationship with her bodyguard Jasper continues to be the best storyline each episode. One episode Jasper’s mistakes make you wish Eleanor would forget about him, but the next you are hoping she forgives him, again. Hopefully these two will finally figure out their relationship in the next season.

Would Kate Middleton wear that?!

Coinciding with the outlandish plots, the fashion Princess Eleanor wears would probably appear in Kate Middleton’s worse nightmares. The amount of crazy, colorful dresses the princess of England models always add a little more surprise to each episode.

Countless twists!

The one adjective that cannot be used to describe this show: predictable. Each chapter has an unknown direction and many revelations along the way. New, fresh and exciting ideas, “The Royals” is absolutely entertaining. Start binge watching it now!




*All images from www.eonline.com and www.tumblr.com