Weather Warning! Making The Transition To The Windy City

3. Never assume with Chicago weather and to always make sure that you are prepared. Stay as up-to-date on the weather as possible to keep tabs on any overnight changes in the temperature. A warm day today does not guarantee a warm day tomorrow, something we will see this week when the lovely 73? weather we all enjoyed on Wednesday promptly dropped to a chilly 50? on Friday! Have coats, umbrellas, everything you need to ensure that you are ready for whatever comes along. In Chicago, whatever is exactly what you will get. This is something An Phung, a freshman from Austin, Texas learned.

“I didn’t have boots...I ruined my favorite pair of shoes… [And] I also forgot to bring an umbrella.”

4. Getting out of the house is crucial. Those of us from warm weather fear that there will be little or nothing to do as the temperature drops, and the colder it gets, the more we will want to stay in. The truth of the matter is, that Evanston and Chicago are both cities that are alive all year round and offer more than enough activities for everyone. They’re used to the cold, even if we’re not.

“Keep an open mind coming in…. there’s so much fun stuff to do if you look for don’t have to look that hard,” Phung says.

Many students recommend stopping at one of the many coffee shops in Evanston. Popular places include the Unicorn Café and Caffeine Café. You can also check out Northwestern’s own Norris University Center, which boasts a myriad of eateries, coffee shops, and even fun night time activities that can serve as excellent diversion for students who may not feel like venturing too far out into the city.

Being new in town, you’ve probably been given a few helpful hints by well meaning classmates who are from somewhere up north. Take every piece of advice they give you. The advice may not come in handy right away, but if you pay attention to what your friends and classmates have to say, when you are faced with an unusually “subzero” situation, you’ll know just what to do!

Good luck!