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Top Swimsuit Trends for Spring 2013

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

Although winter quarter seemed like it would never end, finals week is now fast approaching, which more importantly means spring break is finally near. With the countdown until break set at less than a month, it’s time to take notes on the latest swimsuit trends. Whether you’re jetting off to an island hotspot or just looking forward to tanning in between classes during spring quarter, here are some of the hottest 2013 swimsuit trends to look out for.

1) High-waisted bottoms


Go for the retro trend with high waisted bottoms and nautical patterns. This new trend is a perfect way to achieve a vintage and sexy look reminiscent of 40’s and 50’s pin-up girls.

2) Ruffles and floral

Victoria’s Secret

Go for the girly look by wearing ruffled or floral swimsuits. Going well with the spring feel, this trend is a great way to achieve an effortlessly feminine look.

3) One-shoulder tops

American Eagle

Try going for a more edgy look with a one-shouldered bathing suit. This up-and-coming trend is a great way to add an element of flair and boldness to your swimwear.

4) Color blocking and neon hues


Translate the popular color blocking trend from your everyday wardrobe to your swimwear. Experiment with mixing together bright, neon colors to achieve an 80’s-inspired look.