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Seeing Red (in the Best Way)

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Hope you’re ready! Taylor Swift’s re-release of “Red” comes out on Nov. 12. In honor of the re-release, I’ve decided to listen to every song on the album. Ranked from best to worst, here are my top five favorite songs from Swift’s fourth album:

  1. “State of Grace”: Effortlessly cool and slightly wistful, “State of Grace” is a winner in my book. I love how romantic this song is. What also impresses me about “State of Grace” is how the song manages to be intense and electric at times and soft and reflective at others.
  2. “Starlight”: “Don’t you dream impossible things?” The storytelling in “Starlight” is simply beautiful. I found myself listening to the lyrics as much as the song. Although lighthearted and upbeat, this line makes me stop and think. “Could I dream bigger?” In short, this song inspires me, and for that reason makes it to the top of my list. 
  3. “22”: Iconic. If this song has one thing, it’s spirit. Luckily, it has more than just one. It’s flirty and rebellious, and has an infectious melody. I couldn’t ask for a better anthem for the young and carefree! It’s forever nostalgic and one of the defining songs of the 2010s.
  4. “Red”: “Red” grew on me!  I really enjoyed the country sound in this song. It has an energetic quality that makes you want to jump up and shout along with the chorus. The lyrics in “Red” are also very poetic.
  5. “Treacherous”: “Treacherous” is sad and sultry. It’s the kind of song you sway in your seat to. Swift’s voice is perfectly delicate here before the buildup to the chorus. I like to think she ends singing “I like it” on a hopeful note.

I cannot wait to see how “Red (Taylor’s version)” stacks up! I’m excited to hear all my favorites, new and improved, again in November. 

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Teni Akin-Olugbemi

Northwestern '23

Teni is a junior majoring in English at Northwestern.
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