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It’s that time of year! We’re in the thick of fall, hunkering down in winter coats and preparing for Thanksgiving floats. Hallmark also recently released its Christmas catalog, a sure sign that the holidays are near. Despite all the excitement of this season, the arrival of fall also has its downsides. 

One of these is seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. SAD’s cause isn’t certain but is associated with a lack of sunlight. People tend to experience it in the early fall months and recover around springtime(Kaiser Permanente).

You may be dealing with SAD if you start feeling grumpy, notice you’re sleeping more, or find yourself craving carbs. If you’re feeling this way, don’t despair! There are ways to beat the autumn blues. The best way to treat SAD is with light therapy. This usually involves a lightbox, specially designed to recalibrate your body’s internal clock.

It’s okay, even normal, to feel sad this time of year. Be kind to yourself, and remember that this season too will pass.

Make sure to look after yourself this fall season!

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