Husky in the Spotlight: Eric Doroski

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Los Angeles, CA

Major and Year of Graduation:

Mathematics and Economics, Class of 2019

What is your favorite memory at NU?

Springfest 2016 with Tove Lo and Chance the Rapper

What was your favorite class at NU?

Probability and Statistics: sounds like the most boring class possible, but changed the way I thought about everything, from academics to my daily life.

What is your favorite place on Campus? 

Centennial, I love sitting around in the sun for hours on weekends with friends.

What were you involved in at NU?

I am the President of Artistry Magazine and the Vice President of the Armenian Students Association.

Can you tell us more about The Artistry Magazine?  

Artistry Magazine is a print magazine made exclusively by Northeastern Students, featuring write-ups of local concerts, films, and other fun events going on around the city. We also hold art exhibitions featuring student artwork.

Have you gone on any co-ops?

Yes, I am currently on my first coop, working at Private Equity and Real Estate Services for State Street.

How is your experience so far?

Working at State Street gave me a look into the lifestyle at a large financial corporation. I enjoy working with many different clients and helping different teams, because no day is ever the same as the past.

Advice to someone who is looking for a co-op:

The most important factor of whether you enjoy the job is the team you will work with. A job interview is just as much of the company trying to see if you fit in as you finding out whether you enjoy the team.

Any advice to freshmen on campus:

Don’t worry if you still haven’t found your major or group of close friends. You’re going to figure it out when you least expect it, and you still have plenty of time.

Best piece of advice you have ever received:

You are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. Spend time with people you enjoy being with, but also that allow you to grow as a person.

Fun fact about yourself:

I’ve piloted an airplane taking off and got too motion sick to land it.

Top three favorite musicians (bands/artists):

Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, and Andy Grammer

Favorite place in Boston:

Beacon Hill

Best ice cream in town:

Eataly’s Gelato Stand (Try the Banana Chocolate Sorbet)