"How to Get Over A Breakup" Review

Amid breakup blues, I stumbled upon the most accurate heartbreak film while scrolling through Netflix: “How to Get Over a Breakup.” The 2018 Netflix-exclusive film (delivered entirely in Spanish) tells the story of Maria Fe, a recently dumped ad copywriter, as she struggles with her emotions and is haunted by visions of her ex. Her friends Natalia and Carolina support her along the way.



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I really liked how incredibly relatable the entire movie was. You follow Maria Fe as she goes through all the stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) and beyond as she comes to terms with no longer having her ex in her life. Furthermore, she comes out of her shell by starting her own blog and discovers a new sense of self respect and independence.

Although her former relationship is a major focus of the film, it still shows other aspects of her life, such as her relationships with her friends and work, indicating that life doesn’t just stop after a breakup. Maria Fe has to pick herself up and keep going.

As both a blogger and someone suffering through a very similar situation, I was immediately drawn to Maria Fe. She is a fiery and expressive romantic. The movie really captures what you don’t see in typical breakup narratives outside of crying your eyes out. It really understands the transitions from wanting to call your ex to experiencing the initial panic of dating apps and channeling that energy into something new. It’s empowering to watch her come to the conclusion that true love is a mutual interaction of that which she is deserving. “How to Get Over a Breakup” is a fun movie to watch and connect with. It was charming, relatable, and just what I needed (I also cried three times while watching it).