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Campus Cutie: Ron Landayan ’13

: Ron Landayan
Age: 21
Year at NU: Senior
Hometown: Garnerville, NY
Relationship Status: In a relationship

Motto: It’s hard to be successful without taking some risks first

Where you can find me on campus: Usually in class in Dodge, or playing some sort of sport in Centennial or at Marino.
What I’m involved in at NU: President of Beta Alpha Psi, Financial Management Honor Society, Finance and Investment Club, Entrepreneurs Club, and Intramural sports
Where I’ll be in 5 years: Finished with my MBA and on my way to becoming the CFO of a Fortune 500 Company
Where you can find me on a Saturday night: Somewhere downtown before heading to Conor’s/OHE to finish the night, or watching a movie.

My guilty pleasure: Jamming out to some One Direction songs whenever they play in the car
Best pickup line: “Are you a telephone operator because I’m pretty sure you just answered the call of my heart.” or “Your name is beautiful but is it okay if I just call you mine.”
Biggest turn on: A great smile and a great personality.
Biggest turn off: Someone who’s not aware of current events or someone that doesn’t enjoy the Harry Potter series or the Hunger Games trilogy

My favorite spot in Boston: Running along the Charles during sunset
Five things every Northeastern student should have on their bucket list:
1) Volunteer/Run/Watch the Boston Marathon
2) Rent a Kayak at night and enjoy the lit-up Boston Skyline
3) Attend a Red Sox or Bruins game. There are always a bunch of local opportunities to win tickets, so just keep an eye out for them
4) Try to walk most of the Freedom trail, and grab a chocolate chip cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in the North End on the way
5) Once you turn 21, go on a tour of one of the famous Boston breweries

Ally is a fifth-year graphic design major at Northeastern University from Portland, Maine. She also works with the Her Campus Northeastern team as the branch’s PR & Social Media Chair, as well as a designer and contributing writer. A former design intern for the Boston Bruins, Her many passions include an affinity for all four Boston sports teams, as well as a love for skiing, a sport that she fell in love with at the age of two. Ally also volunteers as a campus tour guide at Northeastern and is a dedicated fan of Northeastern ice hockey.
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