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7 Reasons Why Netflix Will Distract You This Semester

We all know that Netflix has had its up and downs in the last few years. Luckily, after releasing their fall schedule, Netflix should be a prime distraction this semester. Here are 7 reasons why studying will actually be impossible this semester:

1. Calling all nostalgic Taylor Lautner fans: The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl is here. We all know that any respectable Spy Kids enthusiast can be excited for this.

2. To all the poor souls in any Shakespeare class: Mel Gibson’s version of Hamlet has been released, prepare for creepy sonnets with a chance of Helena Bonham Carter.

3. “Will the real hipsters please stand up?” Portlandia Season 5 is now available. You can all return to your typewriters, pretty lattes, and to obscure bands now.

4. Gotham’s premiering season is also coming out, so if you’re a Batman fan who wants to understand Commissioner Gordan a little bit more, here’s your chance. Enjoy.

5. To all the dead-icated Walking Dead fans, Netflix is releasing the fifth season. I suggest that you keep the popcorn fully loaded and a comfort object (blankie, stuffed animal, significant other) near you at all times.

6. As the weather remains indecisive and you continue avoiding responsibilities, feel free to reminisce and solve crimes with the 5th season of Hawaii Five-0.     

7. And lastly, as a nice little note of inspiration, Nelson Mandela’s biography, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, is now available.

Happy streaming, and remember that “Netflix and chill” is not an actual date option.

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