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Whether tied around the neck or securing one’s hair it’s no secret that ribbon is one of the micro-trends that’s currently taking the fashion world by storm. And though this dainty embellishment was originally tied (pun fully intended) to the “balletcore” and “pilates princess” aesthetics, the runways and even just the streets of New York City have proven that ribbon is far more versatile than we think. 

Simone Rocha is one of many luxury labels that have been incorporating this trend for years, just look through their previous collections! Chanel, another dominant force in fashion, has similarly embraced this embellishment for decades, dating back to even Coco Chanel’s infamous two-tone ballet flats.

If you too are looking into hopping on this trend, or are already fond of putting ribbons on everything like myself, I have gathered some of my favorite ways to style ribbon.

1. A Romantic necklace

@thealondraflores via Instagram

Ribbon is so much more than just an accessory to keep your hair back. It can just as easily be used as a necklace. Whether worn as a joker with a pretty pendant or tied into a bow, this pretty accessory will look just as effortless as your everyday gold necklace. 

2. Earmuff embellishments

@gigi.mw via Instagram

Spring may be right around the corner, but it feels like it’s just getting colder here in New York City. This styling method is almost as easy as the necklace one, all you need is a pair of earmuffs or your favorite headphones and some ribbon. Simply tie a bow around each side and voila! 

3. Step up your shoe game

@kaykaybrown via Instagram

Uncharacteristically, it’s not snowing much here in the city but if you’re planning a last-minute trip upstate with the hopes of seeing snow, this will be the perfect way to elevate your shoe game. Your snow boots don’t have to be clunky and boring like the masses, simply replace your laces with the ribbon or tie them around the top of each boot and you’ll be a step above the rest.

4. An Elegant collar

@nathan.strange via Instagram

This use of ribbon is definitely one of the most timeless and elegant ways to style it. Most blouses come with a bow already, but if you don’t already have one in your wardrobe, you can easily sew or pin one onto your favorite top. 

5. Makeup?

@camrihewie via Instagram

Whoever decided that ribbons were only for your hair wasn’t thinking big enough. However, this decision isn’t for the faint of heart because it’s certainly not every day that you see someone walking around with ribbons taped to their face (although one never knows in NYC). You can go for a ribbon-tears Simone Rocha-inspired look as shown above, or apply them just above your eyebrows. The sky’s the limit with ribbon! 

Kea Humilde

New School '26

Kea Humilde is a New School first year intending to major in Journalism+Design and minor in Fashion Communications. When she's not busy shopping in the city and creating content, she's rooting for the Los Angeles Chargers.