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You Cut Your Hair Short On a Whim. Now What?

The title sort of speaks for itself. I too was in your shoes, and felt confused and lost as to why I decided to cut my long hair into a short bob. I did love the look, don’t get me wrong. It was chic, it was new, and freeing even (especially with the blistering summer we’ve had). If you have never had short hair, however, what are you supposed to do? How can you style it now?

So, you took a big leap:

Yay! If anyone has told you that you look anything less than amazing with short hair – let that go in one ear and out the other. Short hair is and always will be beautiful. Many beautiful women over the years have ROCKED short hair. Marilyn Monroe, Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, and so many more-the list goes on. If you did this on a whim, you are not alone. Read along and I will take you through all of the amazing things about having short hair. 

Washing your short hair:

This is simply the BEST part of your new haircut. Washing your hair takes half the amount of time it used to, and you use less product which saves money. After the shower, brushing your hair will also take half the amount of time – because guess what – NO KNOTS. When I first realized that my hair wasn’t incredibly entangled after the shower and brushing my hair was not going to be a chore – I’ll be honest, I did a little happy dance. Your hair will air dry in thirty minutes or less and I remember gasping aloud the first time. 


Styling your hair:

Just like with long hair, styling short hair has endless possibilities. Curling your hair will give you a Marilyn Monroe type of look, and straightening it looks INCREDIBLE and chic. My favorite way to style my hair? Nothing. After my morning shower, I brush it out and let it dry. If I am really feeling it though, I like to style it with a couple of barrettes on both sides pushing my hair out of my face. 

All in all, cutting my hair short was an INCREDIBLE decision. It looks healthier, feels like a weight is lifted off of you, and is so much easier to take care of. I have a feeling I will keep it around for a while, I hope you feel the same. :) 


Hi Everybody! I am studying at Parsons School of Design! My major is Strategic Design Management. I love to play music and sing too! Not sure what else to write so....have a nice day :)
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