Why We Need to Get Over Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s popularity can be attributed to several factors. Some might owe her fame to her catchy tunes or her tendency to write about her famous exes in her songs. But most people would agree that Taylor’s success comes down to the fact that she is—tries, rather—to be a relatable girl. 

Through her songs, music videos, and the personal life she chose to share with the world, Taylor always had a girl next door vibe to her. She was awkward. She was silly. She liked staying home and playing with her cats. She threw secret parties for her fans at her home. She was wholesome, likable and most importantly, relatable. 

But somewhere along the line—around her RED days—Taylor started transforming into someone completely different. Her songs were no longer emotional anthems we’ve all experienced. They became bullying ballads, exposing her exes to be horrible individuals. Then came the squad days. Her tight-knit clique consisted of a group of powerful and beautiful individuals with no signs of diversity or normality whatsoever. Taylor’s relatable life transformed into a glamorous life most people could never obtain. 

Simply put, she was rubbing it in everyone's face.

Shortly after, we started hearing about feuds with other celebrities. Katy Perry. Demi Lovato. Nicky Minaj. Calvin Harris. And of course, the infamous Kim/Kanye stories. When Kanye’s Famous came out, Taylor cried the victim. And the world felt bad. 

But thankfully, Kim was a step ahead and turned the tables on Taylor. She was exposed to be a liar in front of the entire world.

Taylor tried to come back from it, posting a response to Kim’s video of her approving Kanye’s controversial lyric (I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex), but the damage was done. People started realizing that Taylor’s nice girl victim image is just that—an image. 

The music industry is a brutal one. You have to have a backbone and you have to be confident. No one can deny Taylor’s massive success, proving even more that her shy and quiet persona is just one for the masses.

Being the creative genius that she is, Taylor used this cornering to her advantage. She stripped away her old image and revealed her true colors once and for all.  Look What You Made Me Do is the perfect title to her comeback song. The world exposed Taylor's true self, leaving her with no other choice but to be the mean girl that she is. This is what we made her do. We forced her to rip off the sheep’s clothing for good. 

Taylor still has loyal fans who will support her no matter what. That's what fans do, and that’s why they're awesome. But it’s really time for the world to take a step back and to look at everything Taylor has done and all the moves she’s played. We’ll quickly realize that the only ones who were played, were us. She fooled us all into thinking she was the nice and sweet girl next door who will bake you cookies and let you copy her notes, when in reality, she'll probably have no problem stuffing us in a locker to keep us out of her way. 


[Feature Image by Taylor Swift Blank Space]