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Three Ways to Make Your Insecurities Your Biggest Strengths

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

I knew from a very young age that I was different in ways some people will never understand. My biggest insecurity was the way I acted, and it wasn’t something I can control. I was looked down on for being myself, and unhappy if I wasn’t myself. It was almost as if I were in a competition that I could never win. 

All of this led to me feeling very broken, and I know I am not alone in feeling this way. I am certain that some people out there are feeling, or at some point have felt, similar emotions. Sometimes it’s like you are on a precipice waiting to fall off, without the slightest hope of ever recovering. But in the wake of these insecurities, I knew I couldn’t live like this forever. Things had to change. 

But, how did I turn my insecurities into my greatest strengths?

Own it Up (Before it’s thrown in your face)

This is something I found out from watching a comedian/youtuber/instagramer @lynnspirit.

When I heard comedian @lynnspirit say this, it was like a bright light beaming in from the sky with a voice saying, “It is your time to shine.” The way you accomplish this is simply to own something up before someone tries to use it against you. This is a tactic I see being used more often in my generation and it has been working. Simple scenario: If you have big ears, some people might be quick to point it out. But how do you prevent your haters from using this against you? Simply by saying it first.

I have big ears and I love with them; they are unique and amazing….

What can they say about them if you already say you like them? Even adding that you get compliments about your unique features will shake their world. Another scenario is rumors. If you know a rumor is going around about you, as hard as it may be to own up to it, you must. If they are wrong, then deny it and let nobody tell you otherwise. This shows strength and dignity in yourself. Not only are you being yourself and winning, but you cripple the haters. I have had rumors spread about me more than enough times. Of course, I feel down in the moment, but do you think I make it stop me from winning? No, I continue to do whatever it is that I am doing.

Speak to People About Your Insecurities

When I say speak to people about your insecurities, I mean someone who is trustworthy and loyal. Try talking to someone like a professor who you trust, or therapist, or even a friend. Parents are usually great choices to speak to and trust with your secrets, as well. But the main idea is to turn your insecurity into your biggest strength; you want to make sure that you are taking negative thought of it being an insecurity.


Do not rush or Jump to Conclusions

You cannot conclude that people don’t like something about you just because you don’t like it about yourself; sometimes you are wrong. The number one problem regarding almost everything in our lives is rushing. How would it feel to really reflect on the damage these insecurities have done in your life? Honestly, you need to do this, because the only way you’re going to truly overcome your insecurities is to identify them and know what they are, and find a solution to eliminate them. You must know how to identify them. First, you have to look into yourself and think about what you feel like people is going to judge you on. That is your insecurity. It will take time to conquer yourself to the point where you are confident enough to not be insecure about anything.

When all is said and done you must choose you first. According to Sheila Blagg, “The more you believe in yourself, the less power others have over you and your future. You control your thought process. You control what you allow to take root in your life. Do the work, get rid of the bad, and start your life as you want it.”

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