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Tears, Love, & Magic at Florence + the Machine’s Dance Fever Tour

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Flower crowns, magical and beautifully gut wrenching lyrics, a delicately strong witch-like figure with an iconic ginger fringe in an ethereal green, flowing dress and a sold out Madison Square Garden: this is Florence Welch, aka Florence + the Machine’s Dance Fever Tour.

I was a dedicated Florence fan around 2014, blasting songs like “Dog Days Are Over,”  “You’ve Got the Love,” and “Shake It Out.” Regrettably, I didn’t follow her newer music until earlier this year when I discovered her High As Hope (2018) album. Her lyrics feel like a hug to my soul, like someone is saying, “I hear and see what you’re feeling and you’re not crazy.” Around the time I started listening to that album, I saw an announcement for her newest album’s release, Dance Fever on May 13, 2022 and I was absolutely ecstatic. 

The first song I heard on Dance Fever was, “Free,” which starts,

Sometimes I wonder if I should be medicated

If I would feel better just slightly sedated

A feeling comes so fast and I cannot control it

I’m on fire, but I’m trying not to show it

The words cut deep and I remember thinking (about this song and so many others), how incredible it would be to see her perform it live.

Dance Fever was my first concert in years and it moved me to tears. The adrenaline that came with being in that packed stadium with people who were just as excited to witness Florence’s power was better than any high. She was inviting, kind and her voice rang through MSG with a force I can only describe as hypnotic. 

Not only was it cathartic to be in community after two years of the pandemic, my little 14 year-old self was at peace. I got to sing the words that resonate now, like her song, “Girls Against God,”

What a thing to admit

That when someone looks at me with real love

I don’t like it very much

Kinda makes me feel like I’m being crushed

She also performed some songs I adored in my earliest teenage angst, such as, “Dog Days.” As someone who is part of what Florence calls, “A generation soaked in grief,” I found this experience to be healing and I cannot stop thinking about that night. I actually keep rewatching the videos I took, something I have never done with previous concerts. 

If Florence ever visits your city, grab your flower crown, your flowy dresses and your vampiress energy and go dance your heart out. And if you can’t do that, I recommend at least blasting her song, “Daffodil” as loud as you can and having a private concert of your own.

Ariana Guerra

New School '22

Ariana is a fourth year Journalism + Design and Theater student at The New School. She likes writing, hosting book clubs and photography. When she's not on Zoom, she enjoys reading, drinking copious amounts of tea, Meryl Streep films, political discourse and trying not to take herself too seriously.