Picturesque Manhattan

In the city for Thanksgiving break? Make the most of it and go out and explore! (before it gets too cold…)

The Ramble

A tranquil forest in the heart of Central Park, away from all the people and noise. It’s also the prime place for bird watching.

City Hall Subway Stop

The City Hall subway stop is an abandoned subway station, closed in 1945, that still remains in stunning condition. We’re not entirely sure as to why the MTA is keeping this gem away from the public, but there is a way to get there… if your train conductor lets you. To see the City Hall stop, you have to take the six train heading downtown to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall, and stay on it until the last stop. The train will pass through the abandoned station on its U-turn to go back uptown. Note: this is in the "grey-area" in terms of whether it's illegal or not.

Washington Mews

I’m sure you’ve seen this beautiful private, gated street. It’s open to the public during the week, and right next to Washington Square Park.

Berlin Wall

Open to the public, head into the lobby of 520 Madison Avenue to view this piece of the Berlin Wall. It used to be on display at a park nearby, but to protect it from weather and decay, it was moved into this office building.

Stone Street

A historic cobblestone street lined with restaurants in downtown Manhattan.

Elevated Acre

A secret park above the financial district, located at 55 Water Street.

Gay Street

A beautiful crooked West Village street.

Grand Central Whispering Gallery

First off, you must tour Grand Central, it's beautiful, historic, has a big dining concourse, and currently... holiday shops! You'll find the whispering gallery when you head down to the dining concourse. It’s located at the entrance of the Oyster Bar Restaurant. Take a friend, stand at opposite columns and talk at the wall… trust us it works!

Pomander Walk

Pomander Walk is a cozy fairytale-like apartment complex, a little piece of Europe, located in the Upper West Side (between Broadway and West End Avenue). Now, there's mixed information floating around on when one can access this quaint residential street, but we did see an article that said that it's open to the public on Sundays!

St. Luke's Secret Garden

A beautiful garden in the West Village, comprised of more than two-thirds of an acre of lawns and walks. Head to the Church of St. Luke in the Fields, and explore the beautiful garden, open every day!

Have Fun