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From Paris to New York

Every year approximately 12 percent of students transfer to The New School and Meredith Brannan-Williams is one of those students. Transferring schools can be a terrfying feat for anyone; starting over and cementing yourself in a new place is an especially scary part of the process. In our profile piece for this week, find out why Meredith trasnferred, what attracted her to The New School and Her Campus, and what to consider if you want to transfer. 

HC: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Meredith Brannan-Williams: I am nineteen and I was born and raised in Manhattan; I go to The New School, specifically Eugene Lang, and I am majoring in History. 

HC: I read that you are a transfer student, where did you transfer from and why?

MBW: I transferred from The American University of Paris. I really enjoyed my year in Paris, but I wanted to come back to New York after one year. 

HC: What attracted you to The New School or what first caught your eye?

MBW: A few classmates of mine last year were visiting students from The New School, and when I decided I was going to transfer I became very interested in the school after hearing how much they loved it. 

HC: How does it compare to your old school, have you felt more at home here? 

MBW: I defintely feel more at home here in New York because it is where I grew up. I find the two schools to be pretty academically similar since both have the small seminar style classes. 

HC: What is your favorite part of The New School?

MBW: My favorite part is being back in New York City. I loved being in Paris very much, but nothing really beats being in New York. 

HC: Do you have any advice for students transferring? 

MBW: I recently wrote an article of tips for transferring students which I would suggest checking out; mainly the most important thing is doing a lot of research. 

HC: How did you discover Her Campus?

MBW: I have been reading Her Campus since high school, I actually think one of my friends showed it to me. 

HC: What made you want to write for the chapter? 

MBW: I have always considered maybe starting a blog or something and I figured writing for Her Campus would be a good start, it’s also helping me gain some experience if I ever did want to do something on my own. It also definitely gave me some experience in more colloquial writing.

HC: Should more students be involved with Her Campus?

MBW: Absolutely! Everyone has something to contribute and the more people involved, the more material there is out there to read from so many different perspectives. 

Kaylie is a freshman studying Journalism + Design and Economics at The New School in New York City; in her free time she likes reading, walking aimlessly around the city, coffee, and petting cute dogs.
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