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Netflix Show ‘Dating Around’ Left Everyone Shook. Here’s Why.

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead***

We can all agree that first dates can be intimidating, but being on camera has proven to be a whole different experience. Dating Around is a Netflix series centered around New Yorkers who go on blind dates with five individuals. At the end of the episodes, they choose one person to take on a second date.

Episode Two focuses on 37-year-old Gurki Basra, an independent jewelry buyer who also happens to be a divorcee. All goes well until she meets Justin, a real estate agent that loves Miller High Life, despises cats, and dreams of being a rockstar despite not knowing how to play guitar. Small talk eventually unfolds into a discussion about marriage, which is where the date takes a turn for the worst.

    There’s definitely cultural pressure to meet expectations, and Gurki is one to admit her flaws. She points out how unlike her parents, who are from India and had an arranged marriage, she actually married a man she chose to be with despite not being happy. While her explanation makes sense to the other guys in the episode, Justin immediately fires back. He says, “Who says yes to getting married when you have doubts?” he asks. “You ruined eight years of your life. You lied to him, and yourself … How could I ever trust you? How could anyone ever trust you?” Eventually, Gurki points out that they’re clearly not going to meet again and suggests he should leave.

    This scene soon goes viral, opening up discussions about real-life dating, cultural differences, and many more. As a viewer, I feel for Gurki. She clearly acknowledges her mistakes and owns up to them. Her reasons for her divorce is for her and her ex to understand, and no one else. This episode also questions whether strangers have the right to insert their opinions into other people’s lives, which many people have argued that Justin was in the wrong for being so combative. Lastly, I loved how Episode Two highlights the fact that not all dates are going to be magical and that’s okay. In the end, Gurki is the only person who doesn’t go on a second date, and I honestly don’t blame her.

Overall, this series explores people’s dating lives from all backgrounds and identities. I highly recommend watching this series not only for entertainment but to also see how an average person dates in New York. 


India Roby

New School '21

India is a Journalism + Design student at The New School in NYC. Aside from binge-watching Netflix and being in a constant state of fear for the future, she spends her free time writing, reading self-help books, and missing her cat.
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