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National Hot Chocolate Day is a Thing and We’ve Got You Covered

On a frosty winter day, when snow is crunching beneath your boots and crisp air is dancing around, keeping warm might prove to be a rather frustrating obstacle. Thankfully, hot chocolate and cold weather complement each other ever-so-beautifully, which is why January 31st is the perfect date to observe National Hot Chocolate Day! 

If you’re looking to celebrate with a warm drink in the city, then look no further. Here are five NYC hot chocolate hotspots that are bound to blow your mind and exceed your chocolate expectations in the best ways possible.

For Dark Chocolate Lovers

City Bakery’s Dark Hot Chocolate

Crafted from a mix of dark chocolate candy bars and dairy sourced from farms located upstate New York, this warm drink will surely satisfy your cocoa craving. And for an extra $2.00, you can add a housemade marshmallow cube that is sure to take the creaminess to a whole new level.

 Price for a drink:  $5.00 ($7.00, with marshmallow)


For Vegan Diets

The Commons Chelsea

While many people might associate hot chocolate with dairy, that’s not to say vegans can’t enjoy a warm and creamy cup of cocoa. Made from organic almond milk, vegan cane sugar and organic fair trade cocoa sourced from Portland, you won’t believe this creamy deliciousness contains no dairy, whatsoever.

Price for a drink: $4.50—$5.00


For the 21 and Over Club

Haven Rooftop’s Ski Chalet 

With personal fireplaces and faux-furs to keep you warm, the Ski Chalet at Haven’s Rooftop is the ultimate cozy and tented winter wonderland. Complete with antler chandeliers, twinkling lights and snow shows right outside the windows, this Instagram-worthy getaway serves drinks just as spectacular as the hotspot itself. Our suggestion? Their Peppermint Cream Hot Chocolate. Made with Baileys Irish Cream, Crème de Cacao, Crème de Menthe, chocolate syrup and milk, this green treat is sure to keep you toasty as the temperature drops.

(Hot Tip: Ski Chalet is currently running a buy-one-get-one half-off promotion on drinks! But hurry, because this offer is for a limited time only!)

For Traditionalists

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Sometimes, hot chocolate is just about the nostalgia. You know, taking you back to the days when you enjoyed sipping down the drink after spending all afternoon playing in the snow. If you’re looking to be transported back to the past, then Jacques Torres’ Classic hot chocolate is the drink for you. Made with a special house blend, this hot chocolate doesn’t need any make-up — it’s beautiful just the way it is.

(Secret Tip: Ask servers for a Snowball Classic Hot Chocolate! Off their secret menu, this version of the classic drink uses vanilla ice cream as their creamer. Mmm.)

Price for a drink: $3.75 (Snowball, $4.90)


For Those Fancy AF Moments

La Maison du Chocolat

Whether you want to celebrate or you’re just feeling extra-fancy, La Maison du Chocolat is definitely your spot. Their Guayaquil chocolate drink might be thicker than your average hot chocolate, but that’s only because it’s made from broken down chocolate bricks which are then melted into heavy cream. La Maison du Chocolat prides itself on offering the ultimate chocolate experience, so sweetness is not their game. But if you’re a cacao lover and willing to shell out some extra bucks, this drink is surely one to try.

Price for a drink: $8.50 for a mug, $4.50 for a half.


Happy Hot Chocolate Day! 


[Feature Image by Pexels]







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