Muslim Girl Journal

Post, 9/11 has resulted in widespread islamophobia. News outlets and articles have not only tainted the image of Muslims around the world, but Islam as well.

This is why I want to start a Muslim girl series. I want to talk about my experiences as a Muslim woman living in the west and discuss what Islam means to me. If you have a story you would like to share with me, please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will post the story as apart of this series. To kick off this series here are some things I want my Muslim girls to know. 

1. Your physical appearance does not showcase how good of a Muslim you are. With that being said, YOU WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. If you want to wear a hijab, you wear one. If being in a crop top makes you feel confident then by all means wear one.                     

2. There is no such thing as the “perfect Muslim” girl. You will make mistakes, but do not allow those mistakes to define who you are. Falling in love with any religion is a process that takes time.

3. You’re not a whore for wanting intimacy. Those feelings are normal and natural.

4. If a man tells you makeup is “haram” and that “you are going to hell,'' you tell him off by asking him which verse explicitly states that. Most boys who go around ridiculing women haven’t even studied the Quran.

5. Islamophobia is more prevalent than ever today which is why it is so difficult being a Muslim girl in the west. But do not become fearful and do not conceal your identity. You should be proud. Any, intellectual knows that you can’t possibly blame an entire religion and a  population of 1.8 billion people for terrorism.

6. You are far more than what the media represents. RAISE YOUR VOICE AND BREAK THE SILENCE. We are always portrayed as “oppressed” or “violent”, but nobody talks about the countless Muslim women who are making breakthroughs in politics, science, journalism, art, and more.

7. Whenever you feel like the whole world is your enemy, remember me and the millions of other Muslim girls who support you. More, importantly remember that Allah is by your side too.

8. I want to say this one more time because it's so important to me. All the Muslim girls reading this right now, hijabi or non-hijabi, I want you to know that you are not alone. I admire you all and will continue supporting you.