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Throughout your lifetime, you will encounter hundreds, maybe even thousands of kindred spirits, all of which you will form bonds with or, rather, relationships. Relationships, whether they be romantic or platonic, can be wonderful or terrible—sometimes both at the same time. My biggest takeaway from relationships is that just because something began beautifully doesn’t necessarily mean it will end beautifully. I get really caught up in beginnings and try to maintain the sparks that were initially ignited throughout the entirety of the relationship. 

In some of my most intense past links, I tried really hard to make the flame last. I couldn’t let go of how I met my comrades, the adventures we went on and what we had been through together. It’s really difficult for me to let things go—even if I have already moved on mentally. I won’t let myself give into my feelings most of the time and for a long time I wasn’t allowing myself to feel what I was truly feeling

Someone can still be a good person and not be the person for you. I think that’s what bothers many of us; allowing our stomachs twist into knots of confusion and guilt. If we are dating or are friends with a nice human being, we let that fog up how the alliance is actually affecting us. I suspect that’s why we have an issue with cutting ties with those who may not be contributing positively to our lives—we get too caught up in the personalities of our companions instead of our interconnection.

I truly believe that mortals do not change—they evolve into who they always were. So, by the end of the relationship, you find yourself and they find themselves—that’s no one’s fault, it’s just inevitability. Just because you associate the feeling of love or an extreme connection with someone doesn’t mean that love or that connection will last a lifetime. It’s okay for things to end because sometimes when things end you’ll find yourself in a new chapter of your life. 

Life is a lot like a book in my opinion—it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is what gets you hooked and excited, the middle is where you see downfall or conflictions, and the ending either uplifts you or saddens you. The kinships you create may have been great stories to tell, but sometimes, stories are just stories. 

Your life will be full of stories and instead of telling them, you should be living them. 

Paloma is a fourth-year BAFA student at The New School majoring in Literature at Eugene Lang College and Vocal Jazz at The School of Jazz and Contemporary Music with a minor at Parsons in Fashion Communications. She enjoys performing, writing, reading, hiking, and spending time with her pups-Daisy & Minnie, kitty cat-Chai, and her silkie chickens.
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