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Welcome to the new school year, Narwhals! We hope you are as excited as us to be back on campus. 

Before anything else, we want to acknowledge the pain experienced across the globe in the last eighteen months. Many of us ourselves, our families and our peers have experienced a radical shift of faith and have been put to test time and time again by something we had no control over in this past year. The good news is the days ahead of us seem far brighter since we are here for each other—this time in person!

The three of us cannot imagine a better way to spend our last year at The New School than working for the magazine that gave us the opportunity to work with budding writers and artists like all of you!

So here’s to Her Campus and The New School and to a wonderful year ahead! It’s time to rock and roll, team!

Prim, Claudia, Ananya

If you're interested HCTNS, please e-mail us at [email protected]
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