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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’ve just wrapped up finals, have no time for shopping because of that summer internship, or just can’t seem to figure out what to get your dad, don’t worry. We’ve put together a guide to help you get those last minute gifts in!

For the Dad who has a Niche

Whether your ol’ man is into shaving, grilling, artisanal drinks, snacks, hiking or more, odds are, Mancrates has a creation for him. These crates come curated with quality products at affordable prices, so no need to break the bank. This is a gift that Dad is sure to enjoy. Best part, they’re offering expedited shipping to ensure your crate is ready for Dad’s special day.

For the Dad who Could Use Some Pampering

It’s no surprise that Dads have an admirable work ethic. Their work goes everywhere—even to their bed just before they sleep. For those dads who sit up in bed to work, read, or answer emails on their phone or laptop, this 4-in-1 wedge pillow is a must-have. It aligns their posture and offers comforting support to make work feel less like…work.

For the Dad who has a Sweet Tooth

Edible Arrangements always have your back. No matter what the occasion, they never disappoint. Father’s Day is no exception. This month, Edibles are offering Edible® Donuts! These delightful treats include decadent chocolate-dipped, fresh, never frozen apples shaped and decorated like donuts! They’ve even designed a special Father’s Day offering: Perfectly Plaid For Dad. The collection features blue plaid apple donuts and cute apple mustaches. Dad will definitely approve!


For the Dad who loves Tech

IPhone, IPad, SmartWatch, and more. It’s no secret that most Dads love tech. But instead of getting him a new major gadget (odds are he has them all), get him something that will enhance his experience using them. NYTSTND, for example, is a slick dock that allows Dad to park and charge all his devices through. Now he’ll never lose a charger (or his keys) and his bedside table will look sophisticated and clutter-free.  

For the Dad who Just Wants Quality Time

When it comes down to its core, Father’s Day isn’t about the gifts—it’s about the person you love so much and truly want to appreciate. Your dad doesn’t need you to get him anything. Odds are, he’s looking forward to Father’s Day so that he can have a day to spend with you. So go out to a local park or take a hike, just you two together. Maybe enjoy a movie at home or make a sweet home-made lunch to take for a picnic. Whatever you do this Father’s Day, the key is to show Dad some love. He’ll love that the most and it’ll mean the world.

Happy Father’s Day.

Rama Majzoub

New School

Rama is Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent at The New School. She is on track to graduate with a master's in psychology in spring of 2018.
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