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Just a Whole Bunch of Festive Candles to Waste Your Money On

Next to face masks and online shopping, lighting candles are a quick and easy way to relieve some of that seasonal depression, at least for like twenty minutes. We all look forward to coming home after a long day, taking off our bras, throwing on a sweatshirt and lighting a candle that smells like cinnamon before curling up in bed and neglecting to do any homework.

It’s no secret that candles provide a sort of serenity and comfort, two things we could all use as the semester kicks up. So it’s not a bad idea to treat your goddamn self for once and indulge in some seasonal candles. I’ve highlighted a few below, but you can also stroll into your nearest Bath and Body Works and go to town. And once you physically can’t light them anymore, you can go full Pinterest mode and repurpose them as tiny little storage containers.

Boulangerie Jar – Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon 

I’m starting off with my absolute favorite fall candle. Handcrafted from all-natural, food-grade ingredients like coconut wax and essential oils, this Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon candle from Boulangerie Jar has a comforting blend of nutmeg, vanilla bean and cinnamon crust. And yes every fall I spend $20 on this same candle. 

Otherland – Manor House Weekend Collection 

The cute designs on Otherland candles are already enough for me to hit add to cart. But the brand just released their seasonal edition collection of candles, inspired by “countryside weekends where bonfires blaze, cider gets spiked, and friends become family.” Has anyone made a candle inspired by “being too stressed out to function,” cause I feel like that’s what we all really need. Anywho, the collection features three different scents: Sun Suede, Cardamon Milk and Tapestry — and that last one has me intrigued with its so-called “scorched and sultry fireplace vibes.” It’s gettin toasty in here. 

Aromatherapy – Eucalyptus Spearmint 

Oh, here she is, my “too stressed out to function” candle. Sure while this one doesn’t scream pumpkin-spiced latte, it’ll help ease your mind during this festive, stressful time of year. Plus the spearmint adds a little seasonal scent to it. 

Hello Fall Candle

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a cute label. This looks (and smells) like the ultimate fall candle; it’s got scents of hot cider, cinnamon, cloves, apple, and nutmeg. And it sounds like a widely adored fall candle, with almost 3,000 positive reviews (plus it’s gluten-free). 

3-Wick Candle – Fresh Balsam 

Yes, I’m jumping the gun here — but I can’t help myself. The candle that makes me feel most festive, cozy and relaxed all at once is one that smells like a goddamn Christmas tree. And you know I’m copping one with three wicks. 


Logan Mahan

New School '20

Logan is a senior studying Journalism + Design at The New School. Her interests include (but not limited to) fashion, politics, red wine, the Bee Gees, playing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston at every function she attends, and of course, writing. 
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