Schultz: The Musical?

What’s truly unique about The New School is the range of creative students that the university attracts. You have your design students, your creative writing majors, the jazz majors, the food studies majors (!!), and so much more. The New School in itself is an incredibly progressive, challenging, and nurturing environment, truly dedicated in seeing you succeed. It’s no wonder that it attracts determined individuals who are ready to take on the best city in the world and pursue their dreams.

So here is who our spotlight is on for this week. On one of our regular group lunch dates, I overheard one of my friends talking about a musical a student wrote and needless to say, I was intrigued.

Quick Facts:

Name: Dominic LaMorte

School: The New School of Jazz ‘20

Major: Bass Performance

Hometown: Lindenhurst, Long Island


HC: What do you like most about music and musical theatre?

DL: Well music just as an art form is a really great way to connect with people and hear what they have to say, even without using any words. It’s a really expressive art form and you can learn so much from someone just by listening to them. As for musical theater, I was just drawn in. I have a love for acting and there’s so many endless stories that you can tell through it.

HC: Why did you want to go into music?

DL: Apart from having a musical upbringing (by that I mean a lot of kids in my area were involved in music), it’s all thanks to my seventh grade German class. Instead of humiliating myself singing German Christmas carols along with the rest of the class, I chose to grab my brother’s old electric bass and play Christmas songs on there instead. So in order to not to sing German Christmas carols, that’s why I’m here today.

HC: Who are your musical inspirations?

DL: I take a lot from Tim Rice, a Broadway lyricist. He worked with Disney doing musicals like Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. Also Paul Chambers, as he’s a very good bass player, and Jaco Pastorius, who’s a jazz virtuoso.

HC: So, what is Schultz?

DL: Alright so, every year the drama class would have a final where you would write a small skit. My friends who were in that class came to me one day. They wanted to take a step forward and make a musical based on a character called Aaron Schultz, who is a very minor role in the musical Legally Blonde. They wanted to write an entire show based on this little character, kind of like Wicked, which is a whole show based on a more or less minor character ‑ the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz. They came to me and I ended up directing it, writing the music, and I was also one of the scriptwriters. That was the most transformative musical experience that I have had a pleasure to be a part of. I learned a lot from it.

HC: Was The New School your first choice?

DL: Not in the beginning, it was out there, it was in my top three. As things winded down and I got more down to it, I really took time to think long and hard about what I wanted and what I wanted to pursue. It then immediately became my top school.

HC: How has your New School experience been so far?

DL: It’s been great. Everyone is very kind, everyone is very appreciative towards each other, and there’s little to no maliciousness. It’s a great advantage being in this kind of environment, rather than a conservatory. A lot of times, when people go to conservatories, it feels like they’re just sitting there watching their classmates and waiting for them to fail, and it’s a very overly-competitive environment. I’m glad I came here, where it’s a broader university setting and everyone has their different passions.

HC: What are your plans after college?

DL: I would like to take jazz as far as it takes me. I’d love to be involved in Broadway orchestras, both playing bass, maybe conducting one day, I definitely want to dip my feet in creating some too… maybe Schultz one day who knows.